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Fudge, Family, and Fangs! Oh My! Out TODAY!!!

    What would you do if you woke up one day and discovered you were a vampire? This is the dilemma facing poor watch-maker George who suddenly finds he has all the time in the world, in spite of his dying art…and a problem that just won’t go away. Can his lover, Harry forget […]

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My Favorite Husband, A Vampire in Waikiki is OUT TODAY!!

One of my favorite books in this comedic vampire series is finally back out today!! One more story coming up just in time for Halloween – book #7! Devil Night…and then I will be releasing a brand new Div and Tem book. In the meantime, enjoy! Purchase Link: Synopsis: You can steal a man’s […]

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Ma Ma Loa, A Vampire in Waikiki #3 is OUT TODAY!!

Ma Ma Loa, A Vampire in Waikiki #3 is out today on Amazon! $2.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!! Purchase Link: Synopsis: Waikiki vampire Jimmy Thunder is excited to finally have his cherished mate Tem all to himself. With their family members gone, and this being Valentine’s Day, he has one thing on his […]

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