Fudge, Family, and Fangs! Oh My! Out TODAY!!!



What would you do if you woke up one day and discovered you were a vampire?

This is the dilemma facing poor watch-maker George who suddenly finds he has all the time in the world, in spite of his dying art…and a problem that just won’t go away.

Can his lover, Harry forget about George’s strange affliction and accept his family, their fudge, and even George’s fangs?

When George meets Harry Amdis, he thinks he’s met the man of a thousand daydreams except that George has a secret. He’s a newly turned vampire and has no idea how it happened or how to deal with it.

How could he be a blood-sucking fiend when he’s an almost vegetarian?

He’s told Harry the truth, and Harry’s up and left him. But who can blame him? There’s more danger in store for George, though, when he learns who bit him and why. And how is he supposed to get through Christmas with his family without the love of his life?

Harry Amdis loves George, but how can this crazy-hot guy be a vampire? And does he really believe he is one? Worse, Harry has a deadly secret of his own that goes back to his own nutty family. They can never be together. George has the kind of family Harry’s always envied. He wishes he could get over the fang part and love George for himself, his family, and his mom’s awesome fudge. But some things are more than dealbreakers…aren’t they?

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