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FREE KINDLE BOOK! Three Phantom Lover Books Are OUT NOW! Grab your free book today!

  I‘ve just re-released three new editions of books 5,6, and 7 in my Phantom Lover series. All have been re-edited, revised, and given spanky-new luscious covers by the amazing Karrie Jax! To celebrate, I have made My Hawaiian Song of Love, one of my favorites in the series FREE for the next five days […]

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Ti Leaves and Moon Cakes – Rewritten & Re-Upped!

Ti Leaves and Moon Cakes, formerly part of the Kindle Words Lei Crime Series is now my own series featuring Maui Arson Investigator, Solomon Tua– who goes by Tua– in a whole new adventure set on the island of Oahu! Purchase Link:¬† In this follow-up to Coffee and Kukui Nuts, Maui arson investigator expert Solomon […]

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