Ti Leaves and Moon Cakes – Rewritten & Re-Upped!

Ti Leaves and Moon Cakes, formerly part of the Kindle Words Lei Crime Series is now my own series featuring Maui Arson Investigator, Solomon Tua– who goes by Tua– in a whole new adventure set on the island of Oahu!

Purchase Link: https://tinyurl.com/y4e74d4b

In this follow-up to Coffee and Kukui Nuts, Maui arson investigator expert Solomon Tua wants his sister Meleny’s wedding to go off without a bang on the beach at Waikiki. But before the kahuna can bless the big day with a traditional ‘awa and ti leaf ceremony, a suspicious buoy washes ashore, threatening to wreck the celebration.

Not only that, but a shocking photo snapped by Tua’s date for the wedding, his Lieutenant, Josette Crawford, reveals a surprising face in the crowd.

When somebody starts taking potshots at Tua, he once again joins forces with U.S. Marshal Tony McCracken to track down a master criminal. Can Tua keep his shirt and his underpants on this time? Can he figure out why he offered Josette a date involving moon cakes? And most of all, can he get to the er, bottom of why he hates Tony’s new boyfriend?

Check it out today! https://tinyurl.com/y4e74d4b

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  1. has the storyline been rewritten? when are the other books coming out?

  2. Yes it’s been completely rewritten. Two books in the series are out so far. The rest will be out soon. Thanks for asking!

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