Ti Leaves and Moon Cakes – Rewritten & Re-Upped!

Ti Leaves and Moon Cakes, formerly part of the Kindle Words Lei Crime Series is now my own series featuring Maui Arson Investigator, Solomon Tua– who goes by Tua– in a whole new adventure set on the island of Oahu!

Purchase Link: https://tinyurl.com/y4e74d4b

In this follow-up to Coffee and Kukui Nuts, Maui arson investigator expert Solomon Tua wants his sister Meleny’s wedding to go off without a bang on the beach at Waikiki. But before the kahuna can bless the big day with a traditional ‘awa and ti leaf ceremony, a suspicious buoy washes ashore, threatening to wreck the celebration.

Not only that, but a shocking photo snapped by Tua’s date for the wedding, his Lieutenant, Josette Crawford, reveals a surprising face in the crowd.

When somebody starts taking potshots at Tua, he once again joins forces with U.S. Marshal Tony McCracken to track down a master criminal. Can Tua keep his shirt and his underpants on this time? Can he figure out why he offered Josette a date involving moon cakes? And most of all, can he get to the er, bottom of why he hates Tony’s new boyfriend?

Check it out today! https://tinyurl.com/y4e74d4b

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