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I‘ve just re-released three new editions of books 5,6, and 7 in my Phantom Lover series. All have been re-edited, revised, and given spanky-new luscious covers by the amazing Karrie Jax!

To celebrate, I have made My Hawaiian Song of Love, one of my favorites in the series FREE for the next five days on Kindle!

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Here are details of all three books!

Rent Boy, Phantom Lover #5

Kimo Wilder, Hawaii’s number one hula dancer and powerful kahuna, is booked into a lavish hotel in Maui during a July 4th weekend break…with a Rent Boy. Would he really cheat on his beloved husband Lopaka? With their baby twins on the way, Kimo has always been the model of the doting husband and parent.

With the sound of the surf crashing around Kimo’s hotel room and the family on its way to visit him, will the Independence Day fireworks display, set for sunset, be the only explosion Maui’s going to see over the weekend?

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My Hawaiian Song of Love, Phantom Lover #6

Katie Garrison’s boyfriend dumps her on the eve of their big move from California to balmy Waikiki. When she arrives, she meets not just one mystery man, but two! The first, Nohea, is a seafaring man who seduces her during a turbulent storm on the floor of a double-hull canoe. The second man, Kahanu, is an Aloha Patrol officer who harbors a deep secret she just can’t penetrate, despite their blossoming, passionate relationship.

Afraid he will lose Katie, Kahanu asks if she would love him no matter what she discovers about him, and she tells him she would. What Katie is not expecting, however, is that Kahanu’s big secret is that he is bisexual and has been in a long-term gay relationship with Nohea.

Although shocked and initially appalled, Katie realizes she loves Kahanu. When both men invite her into a three-way relationship with them, she wonders how happy she really wants to be. Is she ready for the ultimate romantic ménage with two virile men who love her and want to be with her?

Soon, Katie discovers unimaginable bliss beneath the stars, under tropic palms and in their arms, her Hawaiian Song of Love…

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Beguiled, Phantom Lover, #7

It’s Halloween in Hawaii. Those sexy hula dancers Kimo and Lopaka are hiding their endangered children in the secret, mysterious Kahuna (high priest) Village on the Big Island. Most Hawaiian residents think this ancient village is pure myth. But it is very real. For hundreds of years, it has been the refuge of the sick, the injured…and those in mortal peril.

While Kimo, the Keeper of Secrets of the old Hawaiian way has managed to protect his family from the living, he hadn’t banked on the hundred year old obake (ghost) of a lost, murdered female Japanese obon dancer. Taking refuge in the body of his beloved husband Lopaka, Aoi refuses to leave. Kimo and the residents of the Kahuna Village must help her find her way to what she calls The Pureland…except that Aoi’s starting to like being alive again. Featuring all the lovable, familiar characters from the sexy and exciting Phantom Lover series, Beguiled lifts the veil on some of the old ghosts of Hawaii’s plantation past and often turbulent cultural history.

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