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AJ’s Fall Flasher: Trick Magnet

AJ’s Fall Flasher: Trick Magnet Current mood: blissful When Midnight Seductions Authors decided to post Fall Flash Fiction for our readers with a 500 word limit, I wondered if I could do it. I write long love scenes usually that sometimes go for pages. I wasn’t thinking Halloween, I was thinking about sex. And I […]

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When Passions Collide, Porn Becomes Erotica

    Current mood: aroused Porn and erotica are by definition sometimes uncomfortable bed fellows. For my money, they are poles apart, but there’s good gay porn which has all the elements of good erotica and then there’s bad gay porn, just as there is bad erotica. The world of gay porn is quickly evolving […]

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Extreme Sex

Current mood: curious Category: Writing and Poetry Writing gay sex scenes is what I do, being an author of gay erotic fiction. I like to explore all kinds of possibilities for my characters, especially my ongoing couple Kimo and Lopaka who have several books already published and many more lined up. I pride myself on […]

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