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Writing gay sex scenes is what I do, being an author of gay erotic fiction. I like to explore all kinds of possibilities for my characters, especially my ongoing couple Kimo and Lopaka who have several books already published and many more lined up. I pride myself on never duplicating a sex scene…I try to be provocative, but in my efforts to entertain and titillate, I am often presented with quandaries over what is too extreme.
Most publishers of gay erotic romances have very strict guidelines and for my tastes, they are perfect. I don’t like anyone pissing on me. Not since I was seven years old and my next door neighbor’s son was mad at his mom and peed all over my leg out of anger.
I could never imagine Kimo peeing on Lopaka. I don’t go in for feces or child sex…other big no-no’s in the genre, but last night I met a fascinating guy at my local DVD store where I was asking the guys at Circus of Books what’s hot in gay porn.
I always try and keep ahead of the game. But the guys there, who know what I do for a living and try and be helpful, actually shocked me.
How much can you take is the big thing. Big dicks, bigger toys…fisting is a niche market in this genre. They even gave me one DVD to look at where the cover model had a man’s arm planted in his ass right up to the elbow. He looked absolutely agonized.
Another cover showed a guy on his back, legs spread with a machine gun buried in his ass.
This was not sexy to me but absolutely sickening. The guy looked like he was screaming.
The bondage covers with guys bleeding from needles and clamps and stuff…I can’t even look at those, although were a lot of those DVDs available.
The weird thing was when I turned over one of the fisting covers I was amazed to see my fave porn star Francois Sagat with his hand shoved up a guy’s ass. The next frame has him stroking the guy’s completely exposed sphincter muscle, pushed out like a bleeding rose.
Sagat has publicly stated that fisting his not his thing…what some guys will do for a buck – both the fister and the fistee.
I was mortified seeing the complete insides of these guys turned out for people’s er…viewing pleasure. The guy standing next to me tapped the DVD cover. “That guy’s gonna be wearing diapers in a few years.”
I was startled to be having a conversation with another patron in the aisles of the gay DVD section but people always talk to me. I have that aura about me. Turns out the guy I’m talking to used to do gay porn. He is very, very good looking but seemed quite depressed.
“Guys who do those scenes…they fast for days before they shoot. I used to travel everywhere with a douche and a hose. You write gay fiction? I bet your characters never stop their kissing to get out of bed and douche first, right?”
He shrugged. “I did a few fisting scenes..,the pain was unbearable for days afterward, but you know, the money isn’t bad and I kept doing them. Then one night after I shot quite a long scene where three guys took their turn, I wound up in the emergency room with uncontrollable bleeding and my intestines hanging out of my ass.”
He was checking out a Falcon DVD – that hottie Roman Heart rampaging through Europe – no fists, I hope – and I put the the fisting DVDs back on the shelves.
The guy I’d been talking to gave me a sad smile when I asked how he’s doing now. “I’m okay. I still can only tolerate easily digestible foods. I don’t date. I have one guy I see like twice a month when he’s in town. He understands my physical problems. We have dinner and have semi-safe sex.”
Semi-safe? I didn’t even want to know what that meant.
He went on; “Movies are safe. What’s your name? I’m reading more these days since I need to be home near the toilet all the time. I’ll download one of your books.”
He went home to the safety of solitude and I went home feeling very, very normal indeed.

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