When Passions Collide, Porn Becomes Erotica



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Porn and erotica are by definition sometimes uncomfortable bed fellows.

For my money, they are poles apart, but there’s good gay porn which has all the elements of good erotica and then there’s bad gay porn, just as there is bad erotica.

The world of gay porn is quickly evolving into a whole different world that shows me that it’s veering more toward erotica than away from it.

 Gay porn star Steve Cruz recently announced on his blog at www.stevecruzxxx.com that he was taking a break from performing to direct his first feature. He ran a poll, asking his readers what they want to see in their porn. This very engaging star of some pretty raunchy movies, just wrapped his directorial debut, Blue Movie.

 The results of his poll may surprise you:

More Scenes, A Longer Movie   7 (3%) 
4 Scenes is Enough if Each Scene is Smoking Hot   7 (3%) 
Lots of My Favorite Top Name Stars   22 (11%) 
Sexy New Models I’ve Never Seen Before   5 (2%) 
An Interesting Plot   12 (6%) 
No Plot, Just Give Me The Sex   10 (5%) 
Hard Aggressive Driving Sex   42 (21%) 
Passionate Connected Sex, Good Chemistry   68 (34%) 
Gay For Pay   6 (3%) 
Whatever Is New From My Favorite Studio, Don’t Care Who’s In It   1 (0%)
DVD Extras, Behind The Scenes, Interviews! Gimme More!   15 (7%) 

68 per cent of his audience wants to see passionate, connected sex and good chemistry!

This, as a gay male who writes gay erotic romances made my heart zing. It didn’t thrill me personally to see that an interesting plot rated a mere 12%, but I digress.

The results didn’t apparently shock the canny Mr. Cruz. He’s probably already combing through his assorted friends and hot co-stars trying to figure out how to deliver such goods.

In an industry rife with some pretty heavy stuff (fisting, water sports, etc.) what I find intriguing is that the stars themselves are turning the tables, taking control, delivering hot, passionate, connected sex in their own movies.

Youtube has been the breeding ground for this new, hot-on-the-net trend. One of the innovators of the movement is gay porn superstar Francesco D’Macho who continues to get countless hits each week for even the oldest vids of him kissing his former lovers and co-stars in movie outtakes.

With this apparently in mind, Francesco and his fiancé, the other hotter than hell gay porn star Damien Crosse formed their own company www.staghomme.com which launched a few days ago.

Porn’s hot new power couple describes it as The Next Generation of Porn.

On October 1, they announced their new company and posted a thirty second clip, blowing out Google’s links they got so many hits.

They fixed that problem and the site opened. Their first signature film is a stunning blue-hued movie of their own, While the City Watches. It stars Damien and hot newcomer Adriano Toledo on a moonlit rooftop in just about the most sensuous action you’ll ever see from two men…directed and shot at very close range by Francesco. 

This movie is so intimate you feel like you stumbled on a private moment and feel a little guilty to be enjoying it so much. I have no idea how these two men in love share themselves so willingly with other people, but God bless ‘em. They are sweethearts.

Their off guard moments captured on camera are endearing and sweet. Recently, they performed a live sex show in Torremolinos together and the behind the scenes footage is also available on the site. What is especially revealing is the sweet private life Damien and Francesco share.

In one memorable scene, they visit with gay porn star Orlando Toro for dinner at his family home on the outskirts of the city. His father is setting the table cracking jokes about being the waiter of the house as in the background, Mama Toro can clearly be seen cooking in the kitchen.

Is this porn? No, dammit! It’s flippin’ erotic!

They’re people like us – believe it or not. Orlando [who is performing on the same show with Francesco and Damien later that evening] confides to Damien on camera, “My mom can’t find out you’re doing a sex show!”

There is a warm, loving vibe to everything…even when the couple is getting ready for their show backstage. 

“I’m nervous,” Francesco confides. “Are you nervous, Damien? I’m fucking freaking out!”

The couple swaps anxious, reassuring kisses and the ensuing show, shot before an apparently hetero, but appreciative crowd, comes with subtitles at the bottom of the screen with the two stars’ actual thoughts.

“Love you, big slut,” Francesco says.

“Love you more, bigger slut.”

Their ensuing banter is hilarious and makes you realize that these guys might be the hottest porn stars alive, but passion is their fashion and at the end of the day, it’s that connection, that intimacy that fuels their careers and their new lives together.

 Ain’t love grand – and erotic?

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