Xu Again (Xu #2)

Review by Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews


I loved this second Xu book as much as the first. Well, maybe even a little more, if that is even possible. While the first volume was special because it revealed the whole idea of Xu and introduced me to Lindo and Turner, this second one was amazing because it captured the spirit of the first, including all the richness of the spiritual world A.J. created, and added a lot of depth. There was also a whole new set of secondary characters whom I loved, and I also got to see some from the first book again. What more could I possibly want? Oh, yeah, a great story – and I got that as well!

Lindo is trying very hard to adjust to a life without boxing. He is very much in love with Turner, and has promised not to go back, but it is still hard. His ties to the world of boxing are considerable, and how can he resist helping others whose health is in danger? When Xu asks him for help, especially, he decides to act and I admired him for that. It isn’t easy for Lindo to return to situations and people who remind him of his own catastrophic encounter with severe brain injury, but I have to admire him for doing so anyway.

Turner continues to be a great guy. I regretted that I didn’t get to know him better in the first book, so I was very happy to see him again in this story. He really comes into his own here as Lindo’s lover, supporter and a great help in what Lindo needs to do. Their love means everything to him and he treats Lindo accordingly. I loved that!

This is a great love story and a touching account of some of the stuff that goes on behind the official face of boxing. The severity of the competition and the cruelty, in some cases, of those involved shocked me. Of course, like in any sport, money plays a huge role as well. All of that came across really well. If you like a love story rooted in reality, some amazing passion and a lot of suspense as the main characters figure out what is going on, then solve the problem, you will probably love this story as much as I do.