Wanted (Mingo McCloud #1)

Review by Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews


I will totally admit that I wanted to read this book, because I wanted to meet a character named Mingo. In all my years of reading, in all the various genres, this was the first Mingo I had ever met. Needless to say, I was hoping the character was as quirky as the name. Of course, for all I know, Mingo could be a very common name in Hawaii, and I’m just making myself out to be an idiot. Wouldn’t be the first time! *snort* ‘Wanted’ is the first book in a new series by A.J. Llewellyn and I was very excited to jump into it. Any description that references the word forensic always captures my attention. And forensic accounting? Sue me, I think it’s terribly exciting.

Mingo’s having a rough life. His mom up and sold the family home and moved to the mainland while, all the while, sending Mingo daily emails bemoaning her decision. His last relationship ended when he found his boyfriend cheating on him, again. Poor Mingo had a history with that boyfriend where the guy used Mingo’s skills and then when he got what he needed, he ran around on him. So, Mingo changed his whole life and moved to the North Shore of Oahu hoping to start over. As a forensic accountant, Mingo works mainly on criminal cases, so being an hour away from Honolulu is no longer a problem, as if he’s needed, he can get to court to testify. This way, though, it keeps him from running into his ex.

As a distraction, Mingo met Jason outside of the bakery and, well, let’s just say Mingo’s mornings are being filled with more than donuts. What can he say? He’s horny. But, as far as his history goes, Mingo has horrible luck with men. When Benny, a criminal defense attorney and a friend, calls with a possible murder investigation, Mingo jumps right on that to keep busy. Strangely enough, Mingo catches Jason spying on him and he has no clue what is going on. I felt really bad for Mingo. He gets emotionally involved really quickly, but he tends to be attracted to users, and he just gets his heart broken.

Mingo and his best pal, Leilani, who also does work for him as a CPA and a Criminal Fraud Expert, jump into this latest mystery to find out who Jason was and what was going on. Leilani brings in Francois, ex Special Forces, to help go over Mingo’s condo for surveillance equipment. I liked Francois immediately. Mingo has worked with him before, and had lots of fantasies about Francois, but Mingo is pretty sure he’s straight. Plus, he’s kind of scary, in that I’m-not-so-sure-he-won’t-tear-my-head-off way. “I’d worked with Francois twice now, and had huge sexual fantasies about him. He never gave off a gay vibe. He gave off a cannibal vibe that unfortunately kept me hard whenever I was in his presence.” But, oh WOW, are Mingo and Francois incredibly hot together. Francois kind of hit all my buttons!

I loved this book! Everything about it was wonderful. I can’t wait to read more about Mingo, Francois, and Leilani. I’m also pretty darn sure that Mingo is going to keep tripping into trouble that his lover and his friend will need to help him with.

Turns out Mingo is a childhood nickname and his real name is Michael. *sigh*