The House of Driscoll

4.5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs

House of Driscoll is the first release in a new dark fantasy/vampire series. It starts during the bleak and frightening days of the French Revolution and progresses rapidly to present day France.

There’s a lot going on in this story and the relationships between the vampires are complicated, but once the set-up portion is complete, the characters, their relationships and the plot focus straightens out, making it easier to follow. The characters are numerous and the roles they play vary in overall plot importance but they’re all interesting, each with their own distinctive personality twists. The authors did a nice job building these vampires into unique individuals, some of whom I liked and others I disliked.

The conflict and confrontation between Max and Galien is the central theme and the authors did a seamless job sucking Blue and Katherine into their dispute. Emotions run high throughout the book, quickly changing from anger to sex and then to threats of death, all within a short span of pages, keeping the pace fast and action filled. Add in disposing of several bodies, a kidnapping, a group of human religious fanatics and a vampire who believes he’s the second coming of Jesus and you have all the components for an attention grabbing story.

Review by Mystical Nymph