The Forbidden Island (Phantom Lover #3)

Johnny Kaimana is a young Honolulu tour guide, enjoying a fun, carefree existence and a no-strings sexual relationship with his roommate, island music man Alex “Aloha” Granger. Just as things turn serious between them Johnny finds himself drawn to Mahini, a mysterious stranger, an imperious tattoo artist from The Forbidden Island of Ni’ihau.


Forbidden Island
Reviewed by Chocolate Minx
Literary Nymphs 5 Nymphs

The Forbidden Island is yet another exciting episode in the Phantom Lover series. Johnny is the former boyfriend of Lopaka. Johnny’s issues of not being able to commit to any one person is a wake up call for him in this episode and he learns how heartbreaking relationships can be if you are not both committed. Johnny and Aloha both learn the extremes obsessed unwanted lovers will take. The extraordinary A. J. Llewellyn produces another work of genius that transports you to the land of blended cultures, highlighting the passionate couples, and the mystical power of love and family. This is an incredible series that I enjoy immensely.

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Zollyanna, Night Owl Romance 5/5 – Reviewer Top Pick

A.J. Llewellyn really is one of the brightest and talented writers I have had a privilege to review for. He again shows us his talent with another book in his Phantom Lover Series. Forbidden Island has everything you could want in a book romance, mystery, comedy, passion, and more. He added complete depth to Aloha and Johnny’s characters to bring them to life. You feel like you are there in Hawaii with them on the beach or in the bungalow. This is definitely another I will add to my ever-growing e-book collection and A.J. Llewellyn collection as well.

Elisa Rolle/Live Journal:

An A.J. Llewellyn’s book has a style of its own. They are like haunting books, something that lures you into the story despite your better intention. I don’t like menage; I don’t like cheating men. But even if this book has both of them, I like the book. Can you explain it to me, please?

The story is almost haunting, very filled of Hawaiian legends and customs. Actually sometime it’s almost like reading a travel guide on the island, due to the detailed description of the author. One time I read that Betty Neels’ fans used her books to visiting Holland… The Forbidden Island is like that, you could take foothand notes on all the places in the book, to visit if you have the fortune to make a travel there.

Lopaka and Kimo are very present supporting characters and a very important event takes place in this book that will be the starting point for their second own story, Summer Love. Truth be told, I was very happy reading the interactions between the two and sometime they steal the scene to Johnny and Aloha, but they are also, somewhat, the vehicle that brings the two toward their life together.

Two Lips Reviews Rating: 4 lips

A.J. Llewellyn’s The Forbidden Island has a lot of elements thrown into one novel. There is mystery, love, obs ession and some Hawaiian lore thrown in for good measure making for a very intense read. There is the story of Johnny and Aloha who are two love birds learning to trust and thereby deepen their relationship. There is a significant sub-plot involving Kimo and Lopaka, characters from a previous story. There is also another sub-plot which is the story of Obsession and what its impact is on the souls of others. The Forbidden Island is a very deep and complicated story but if you are willing to take the time and make the effort to delve onto the mysteries, you will fall in love with Hawaii and The Forbidden Island forever.

Reviewed by Tina.


I spotted a horse through the sun-dappled trees. I knew who the rider was just by the gleam of his jet black hair. It was Kimo perched astride his horse, Lopaka in front of him. Kimo was wearing the long, khaki shorts again. And nothing else.

Lopaka was wearing a beautiful, long sleeved almost translucent white shirt, completely open, matching long pants and a serene smile on his face.

I was a good distance above them, but I had a perfect view of them. Kimo was kissing Lopaka’s neck and shoulders. Lopaka was moaning about how good it felt.

Kimo was grinning. He brought the horse to a halt.

“Why did you wear the shirt? You know I love your body.”

“I was cold.”

“Don’t I keep you warm?” Kimo was nuzzling him again.

“Oh, yeah…”

Suddenly, Kimo picked up the shirt by its tail, took it in his fingers and ripped it all the way up to the collar.

“Oh, Kimo,” Lopaka moaned. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen and I was spellbound. Lopaka was as hypnotized I was and Kimo said, “Bend over, baby.” Lopaka bent down so that his entire front was on the horse blanket, his hands clutching at the horse’s thick black mane. Kimo ripped the shirt collar away and the rags from his husband’s arms fell to the ground.

Kimo’s eyes followed his hands as he ran them over Lopaka’s back. A beautiful back, to be sure. In the greatest act of love I have ever witnessed, Kimo kissed and licked Lopaka’s neck and back for a long time. I was too captivated to leave them alone. I prayed they didn’t know I was here so I could keep watching.

“Rasmus, stand,” Kimo instructed the horse who didn’t move a muscle. Kimo went back to the task at hand, loving the man in front of him and he muttered a constant stream of Hawaiian words in Lopaka’s ear, some of which I caught, but didn’t understand.

Lopaka kept up a non-stop stream of “that’s so good” and “I love you’s.” At last, Kimo’s attention was on Lopaka’s cute ass. For a long moment, he just stared at it lustily, knowing it was his.

“I love this ass.”

“It loves you.” Lopaka turned his face to the side. “I love you, Kimo.”

“Who’s ass is this?” Kimo’s thumbs were moving down the crack of Lopaka’s ass, touching him over the thin fabric separating them.

“It’s yours. It belongs to you.”

Kimo kissed the small of his back, winching down the pants just a little. He looked around him, found a tree branch and snapped it off. For good measure, he threw the horse’s reins over the stubble of a broken tree branch.

“What are you doing?” Lopaka gasped. “Oh no, baby you don’t have to rip them. You gave me these. I love them. You can have me, Kimo. Just take me.”

But Kimo was holding up a piece of the cotton and plunged the tree branch in, like it was a knife, right between Lopaka’s ass cheeks. I almost screamed.

He ripped the trousers separating him and the ass he loved and there was Lopaka’s smooth brown butt, just begging for attention.

“Oh Kimo, fuck me.” Lopaka’s inviting ass and balls were visible from where I was standing.

“You want it right here?” Kimo asked him, one hand running between Lopaka’s thighs, the other trying to get the waistband of the pants cut off with that twig. That’s when I saw it: Kimo’s name tattooed across Lopaka’s tailbone. Kimo’s ravenous mouth went right to his own name, licking and kissing the letters. Lopaka moaned.

“You want your husband’s cock?”

“Oh, yeah. Please Kimo. All of it. I want you inside me.”

“Keep your head down and your ass up.” Kimo took off his shorts, maneuvering himself with some dexterity, tossing them to the ground. He had a huge, hungry erection.

“Oh baby. You’re so beautiful.” He looked at the ass in front of him, raised it up to his desperate lips, impaling Lopaka with his tongue. Lopaka went crazy, but kept a hold on the blanket. The horse turned to stare at the two men going crazy on his back and then Kimo’s smoldering face was up again and he entered Lopaka’s ass, making them both moan.

“Oh my God, nobody feels like you do,” He stroked Lopaka’s back. He fucked his man wife with vehemence; Lopaka pushing himself back on the cock he adored.

“I need it all Kimo, feed it to me. I need it, baby.”

Kimo’s eyes glowed like coals. “Get up here.” With difficulty, Lopaka raised himself up and Kimo pulled him up to his naked thighs so Lopaka was sitting on his lap. Well, leaning it on it, anyway. He too, had a raging hard-on and when Kimo looked down and saw it, his eyes went black. It was obvious he loved having this effect on his man.

He was whispering more stuff in his ear now, Lopaka ablaze with desire and that massive, ten inch tool in his ass. He started moving his ass up and down, his legs really working now, balancing the balls of his feet on the tops of Kimo’s feet.

“Oh those strong legs,” Kimo said, his hands all over them. “And I love this cock. Baby I’m going to come, but I wanna hold off. I want you to come with me.” Lopaka was lost to the sensations of being fucked and he worked Kimo’s cock over like only he could.

Kimo was licking and sucking his neck and shoulder, his hand coming down on Lopaka’s raging prick.

“Come with me darling, come with me. I want to make you come, Lopaka.”