The Fluffer

Review by Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

Job ads can be particularly difficult to decipher, but the one Jack replies to in this story is in a class of its own. The ad sounds like it’s exactly what Jack is qualified for, yet when he turns up, nothing could be further from the truth. What follows is a hilarious adventure in magazine photography, interpersonal relationships, and betrayal. The story is filled with references to the craziness that is Hollywood where everything has to happen within the next two hours – never mind whether it is really urgent or not, and never mind what obstacles there might be. What a ride!

Jack tells the story in first person and that makes it easy to be right there with him as he explores his new job and everything that comes with it. Things look really good for a while, but there are a few weird things from the start that, in hindsight, are warning signs. Jack does his best to find the required models for the centerfolds his new boss wants him to do, gets to visit Luke on his garlic farm, and thinks everything is well on track – until it all falls apart. What a mess!

I have to admit that the story did not go in the direction I expected at all. It is so much better! There are surprises, revelations, personal deceit, and a conclusion that is as sweet as it is hot. I loved the detailed observations about everything from the furniture to the smells and sounds of various settings, the food descriptions are funny and mouthwatering, and the characters who populate Jack’s life are as quirky as they come – except for the emerging villains who are utterly despicable. What a mix!

If you are ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions, if you prefer your romances on the unexpectedly sweet side, and if you’re looking for a very entertaining read with lots of humor and a perfect ending, then you will probably like this short story as much as I do. What a treat!