The Cannibal King’s Husband

What if you went looking for your long lost father and found he’s not only in love with another man but is…the Cannibal King’s Husband?

Kimo and Lopaka are on the run from the Hawaiian Kahuna Council. They’ve fled their castle hideaway in Diura, Scotland on a boat headed for Samoa, in search of Lopaka’s father Paden.

Paden, a remarkably handsome islander now known as Keneti, abandoned his young family in pursuit of his own island man…a cannibal king. He is the only person who can prevent the Council from taking Kimo and Lopaka’s precious toddler son away from them and into seclusion for magical training. But will the man who dumped his own son find it in his heart to fight for Baby Kimo – or will his new lifestyle dictate a different and deadlier choice?


4.5 out of 5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs!

In all of the Phantom Lover series episodes, the very gifted A. J. Llewellyn highlights the cultural traditions. In The Cannibal King’s Husband, the focus is on the origins of the tribal tattoos and the tradition of wearing white to church. I found the dress code and public behavior laws interesting, along with the idea of cannibals living in the midst of the Christians. I thoroughly enjoy the visuals in Phantom Lover series; Kimo and Lopaka are always extremely arousing and very loving, the family interaction is a pleasure to read. The next installment title is Na Hiku; I’m looking forward to more exciting activity.

Reviewed by Chocolate Minx


Four Lips from Two Lip reviews:

Kimo and Lopaka always bring on the heat and The Cannibal King’s Husband is no exception. A.J. Llewellyn always brings on the heat when he puts these two men in a story. I love how they still get each other after all this time. Lopaka has some truths to deal with in this novel that made me very happy he has Kimo to lean on. This novel is the twelfth in the Phantom Lover series. I would not read them out of order. They build on each other and the story and the stories are all so touching to read from the start you will not be disappointed. There is some paranormal as always when you deal with Lopaka and Kimo. The emotional connection these two have makes me really excited to see where they go from here. I hope Mr. Llewellyn keeps up with their tale, I l would love to read more. When you want your novels to be hot steamy and full of emotion you want to read Lopaka and Kimo they bring it on in spades. Reviewed by Tina.


“I’m fucking you right now and I have a little surprise.”

His eyes blazed. “A surprise?”

     My surprise involved some secrecy and planning and I was still shocked I’d managed to keep it hidden from Kimo. I kept my mind blank as I ripped off his lava-lava and stared down at his black boxer briefs. I swallowed hard. The sight of that beautiful, huge, thick cock always turned me on. I bent down and put kisses all over the covered shaft and Kimo groaned.

“I had something made in Los Angeles,” I told him as I carefully pulled down his briefs and lapped at his leaking cock head. His skin was soft and warm and there was not an ounce of fat on his muscular frame.

“What’s that?” he gasped.

“A special cock ring that had to be made to order. I am thinking after you experience its pleasures, we need to get one made for you.”

“Shit,” he said when I bent down and captured his left nipple in my mouth. I kissed and taunted his cock with my tongue, nothing too serious, grazing his balls and ass with my fingers and the back of my hand

“Guess what, Mr. Supremacy? Your husband is about to give you an ass fucking you will never fucking forget.”

“Oh, fuck.”

I realized he was very turnedon and he wanted my tongue on his ass. He opened his legs nice and wide and begged me to lick him.

Lopaka, I love your tongue inside.”

Of course, I did. This had been my plan all along.

“I love that we are still like this,” I said, lifting my head. “It’s always hot between us. Hot and beautifully dirty.”

His body felt like it was on fire and I went back to really giving his ass the workout it deserved.

It was time for his treat. I leaned into the bedside drawer and withdrew a long box, removing my specially made cock ring. It was gold and silver and it was fashioned into a cobra. The head came halfway down to the tip of my cock and the ring fit oh so snugly around my balls and cock.

Kimo gasped when he saw it. “My God!”

“Stroke the cobra’s head,” I told him.

His eager fingers reached forward and touched it.

“It’s very smooth. It’s a work of real art, Mypaka.”

“Yes, it is.”

“The head looks like a tongue.”

I smiled as my cock moved to his ass, the cobra slithered around and retracted. I entered Kimo slowly and that tongue-like head massaged his perineum. I will never in my life forget the look on his face as he felt it on him.

“Oh, fuck!” he roared.

I fucked him and the cobra seemed to magically know all the right places to stroke him, to turn him on even more as my cock fought its way inside his sweet ass.

I couldn’t believe how good this felt. Kimo’s legs were beating at my back. I could tell he felt the impact of all these things being done to him. His very hard cock leaked fluid like crazy. The cobra swiveled again and the tongue-head moved to his ass hole, fighting me for access. What a greedy cobra.