Tame (Tame #1)

Review by Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews


This is an amazing story. There is the utter realism of the characters, which is outstanding in all its details. Add to that a gripping storyline which had me wondering what was really going on and kept me turning the pages. On top of all that none of it seemed to make sense in relation to all the other werewolf stories I have read (and there have been a few!). As well it shouldn’t have. This is a very different approach to the topic and I totally loved being taken by surprise.

Cavan is a man rooted in reality. He is a detective and deals in facts. He also fights for what is right, and when the animal abuse call turns into something else, and Ludo utters his first words to him, Cavan is just as floored as I was: “Don’t worry, I’m tame.” This sentence will haunt me for a very long time! Cavan picks himself up and proceeds to solve the riddle to his satisfaction. I loved the fact that he was still open-minded enough to listen, and flexible enough to take in what many a detective would have outright rejected.

Ludo is an enigma at first. His humanity is without a doubt and I hated everything he had to go through. The final explanation of what happened to him was heart wrenching, as was the suffering he had to endure before justice was done. I would love to find out more about his background and the causes for his condition and can only pray for a sequel!

If you like stories that take you out of the ordinary, with characters who are so real you think you know them and a riddle to solve that will surprise you with its solution, you will like this book. If you are looking for a different take on werewolves, and adore paranormal stories, you will be as desperate for a sequel as I am. This is a great paranormal story with all the elements of a mystery as well as a wonderfully touching love story. Can we please have more???