Summer Love (Phantom Lover #4)

Hawaiian kahuna and Keeper of Secrets Kimo Wilder and his husband Lopaka are expecting twins! Their joy at pending parenthood is shadowed however by Kimo’s fears that somebody will try and stop these children from being born. Already, other kahuna know that these twins will be the most powerful kahuna the islands have ever seen.

Lopaka’s twin sister Maluhia who is the surrogate for the couple, must be protected at all costs. Kimo takes his burgeoning family on a vacation to secret, power vortexes all over the islands, enlisting the aid of the ancient gods and goddesses.

Maluhia also has just one request. She wants Kimo to conjure up a Summer Love for her and her romantic choice is unusual to say the least. She wants to bed the ancient shark god Kamohoali’i, brother of the Volcano Goddess Pele.

Summer Love is book number three of the sexy, exciting Phantom Lover series.


Fallen Angel Reviews: Teresa
Rating: Five Angels and Recommended Read

A.J. Llewellyn has continued his Phantom Lover Series with this phenomenal story. I love how Hawaiian lore and mysticism are intertwined in every page of the story. The reader obtains great insight into the history and culture of Hawaii. I love how we get to know each of the characters more intimately as the story progresses. The erotic scenes between Kimo and Lopaka are sensual, very erotic and at times hysterical. I loved reading how Lopaka gets roped into teaching the women how a popsicle can be used for more than just eating, Kimo did enjoy showing this in detail with Lopaka, Literally. Never fear, Lopaka gets his revenge in the most delightful way! I for one can’t wait until the next book is released to learn more about the lives of Kimo, Lopaka and all of their family. Thanks go to A.J. Llewellyn for another incredible book.

Summer Love – Night Owl Romance review
by Zollyanna
Hearts: 5

A.J. Llewellyn never ceases to amaze us with the Phantom Lover series and with his wonderful and sensual sequels that gets better and better as they go on. Kimo and Lopaka seem to have better and better adventures. A.J. makes the stories hotter and hotter and I will keep adding them to my collections any time they come out.

Elisa Rolle Live Journal:
Summer Love is a fun escapade. The strange and mystical events that were only hinted in Phantom Lover, here have a main role, and Kimo is more relaxed and funny than before. All the book is from Lopaka’s point of view, and like it should be for a good mother, he is more quite and steady, steadier and strong. It seems that Kimo is now allow to be more free and relaxed and Lopaka instead is growing in a mature man, with more responsibility: there is an exchange of power between the two men that make the pair more balanced.

As in the previous books, the beautiful Hawaiian islands are picturing in details, with some interesting tips that make them something more than a beautiful postcard.

Two Lips Reviews Rating: 4 lips

A. J. Llewellyn gives us another installment to the Lopaka and Kimo saga in Summer Love. I really love the invention of the pregnancy stick used in this story! It’s a tool every woman should have. Lopaka is a very sensitive man and feeling so blue that he can’t be the one to get pregnant for Kimo. Meanwhile, Kimo loves Lopaka no matter wh at and he has the best ways to reassure his lover thatno matter what Lopaka will be the true “mother” of Kimo’s sons. Their love is so real and tangible that it will have you fighting the urge to cry sometimes and the level of emotional connection between the men is unparalleled. Summer Love is part of a series and to fully appreciate it the books should be read in order or you will miss out on a lot of the emotion. Summer Love is a beautiful read you will not soon forget.

Reviewed by Jambrea for Joyfully Reviewed:

Summer Love is a great summer romp, at least for Maluhia. I love the fact that Kimo and Lopaka are going to be parents. There is a scene that is touching and a little heartbreaking when Kimo talks to Lopaka about wishing it was Lopaka carrying their child. It is great watching this couple grow. I love how protective Kimo is of his family and the mystical aspect of Summer Love is just wonderful.

A.J. Llewellyn puts so much of Hawaii in all his work that it becomes another character and I love all the history Mr. Llewellyn shares in his stories. Summer Love can be read as a stand alone, but I suggest getting all of Mr. Llewellyn’s books and having a reading weekend.


I did a swan dive across the bed to get my hands and mouth back on my husband’s body.

“Lovely, Lopaka, I’m not going anywhere.” He stroked my head in an absent-minded way, but I was already inside his shorts, lost in lust for that beautiful cock. Kimo tried to push himself away from me. “Honey…Lopaka…we have so much to do.” This was a first for him, denying me his cock, but then my tongue was on his perineum and he gasped. I eased him down to the bed, licking, sucking and gulping relentlessly at the space between his balls and ass. I got his shorts all the way off, felt him melting, his fingers threading through my long hair.

“Want me to stop?”

He hissed. “God no…” and I went back to work, aware of his rigid cock stroking the side of my face. How hard it was to ignore it and focus on his most private place. He thrashed about on the bed, his splendid, sinewy legs trying to pull me closer.

“Ooh…oh…” he murmured as I gave a few light licks to his balls. His poor cock kept jutting me in the face…wondering why it was being ignored, but I wanted total relaxation, total…acquiescence…before I gave it any respite.

“Baby…Lopaka…forgive me,” Kimo rasped. “I never meant to say no to you. I love you, Lopaka. Please, please, put your mouth on me.”

“Not yet.”

He ground out an infuriated, exasperated sigh, but I was moving in a slow, methodical way from his ass to his balls, my tongue flat against his skin and I heard his guttural moan. Glancing at his face, I saw him relishing the way I needed him, how my need to bring him unremitting pleasure was transmitting itself to him.

I took my tongue off him and his eyes widened in surprise.

“What…what are you doing?”

“Apologize for trying to stop me.”

“Yes! Yes! I apologize!”

“You don’t sound very sincere.” Scooting upward, I hovered over his face. “Open your mouth.”

He just looked at me.

“Open it.”

He slowly opened it and my tongue entered this prized cavern, seeking his, the other place where I’d learned I could bring him to a complete frenzy. I licked his tongue and felt the rush of fire, but I didn’t stop. He held his mouth open, his tongue hanging out. He couldn’t have stopped me bringing us both exquisite tortures if he wanted to.

Kimo had a tattoo of King Kamehameha on his tongue. Almost nobody knew about it, but it was another secret source of his power, therefore another hidden hot spot.

I gave that king a pretty good show of…loyalty, until I knew Kimo simply couldn’t take it anymore. He snatched my whole head in his hands screaming, “Take your cock, take it!” I lowered my mouth over his aching erection and I felt its heat, its contained power. I came away again, licking the head of his cock, the lovely vein between the head and the shaft and he flopped about, moving up, wanting more…I swallowed his cock in one smooth gulp, his eruption sending his ass into my waiting hands.