Stolen Magic: Queen of Pentacles

They call him the Ghost Warrior. Kokoa Guerrero, Hawaii’s top heavyweight boxer is about to challenge Wladimir Petrenko, the most fearsome fighter in the division for the championship of the world.



5/5 and Reviewer Top Pick by Night Owl Romance

Stolen Magic: Queen of Pentacles is based upon the Greek interpretation of Queen Omphale that used the might Hero Heracles. He was sentenced into servitude, for murdering his friend and, attempting to steal the Delphic Tripod.


AJ weaves his version of the tale set in Hawaii with Manalo and Koa. Manalo owns a tree farm and grows herbs as well there on the island. Koa is a prize fighter known as the ghost but is not openly gay but is known as a womanizer. Koa has a heavyweight championship coming up soon with a Russian that Manalo’s deceased boyfriend, Michael, had fought before. Koa doesn’t find this out till much later. Michael was killed trying to protect Manalo, Manalo’s mother from being shot when four guys held up the restaurant they were eating at.


Koa and Manalo’s paths cross and even though they have to keep their relationship a secret they seem to be falling for each other more and more each day. Koa has a run in with a woman at the gym and goes home with her one day to keep up his skirt chasing image. She doesn’t take rejection very well and when Koa shows up the two days later at Manalo’s surprising him. Manalo wants to take him to a doctor but Koa refuses due to the fact that it would jeopardize his fight. Manalo gets him to see to a Kahuna he knows who would be secretive. Koa doesn’t believe in that spiritual crap he says. But Manalo states he will believe in the guy he is calling, he calls Lopaka and explains the situation. Lopaka takes all the calls for Kimo because his energy was so high and so pure that electronics messed up his mana, or power.


When they reach the Wilder property and Kimo starts asking him a battery of questions and states that they tried to stop his heart. Manalo has already rented a new place to live, so when Kimo advises him that he needs to train in private and to not go back to that gym. Koa states he doesn’t have anywhere else Manalo lets him know he does.


When Manalo goes to the store he sees the Wilder’s, Lopaka hands him a note, which says that Kimo wants to see Koa as soon as possible. Where will this note lead? How will the fight go? How will attitudes change?


AJ Llewellyn is an awe inspiring author. He will always leave you hanging on the edge of your seat for the next page or even next book. His characters are fresh, alive & full of zing. Stolen Magic is another one of his masterpieces.


Reviewed By: Zollyanna




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Stolen Magic is another awesome episode in The Phantom Lover series. Manalo has a heartbreaking loss to violence in his past and had accepted that he would not find love again. He was attracted to Koa but never acted on that attraction, believing that Koa’s straight man’s image was true until Koa started visiting at Manalo’s house almost every night for sex. Manalo, who loved Koa, suffered many painful moments when Koa promoted his public image by having sex with women. Koa is engaged in an internal war of good, bad and evil all fighting for dominance within him, but Kimo and Lopaka are with them every step of the way, lending Koa and Manalo the support they need to stay strong. The incredible A.J. Llewellyn has created a compelling plot where love must stand the test of endurance. The characters are realistic and heart wrenching, the lovemaking is very sensuous and you get the added bonus of a Hawaiian Glossary. Stolen Magic is another fantastic addition in the continually growing Kimo and Lopaka Wilder’s circle of family and friends. 


Reviewed by Chocolate Minx.




Five Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews


AJ Llewellyn’s novel Stolen Magic is a story of love, loss, and magic set in a tropical paradise. Although it features a new set of lovers, Kimo and Lopaka Wilder also feature prominently in this story, so readers who already know and love these two will be delighted to see this couple again and to experience the love and joy that surrounds them.


Stolen Magic is well written and characterized and is highly emotional. The characters Koa and Manalo are wonderfully imperfect, and their relationship is one of the most volatile that I have experienced in a novel. These two swing from incredible joy to absolute devastation, dragging the reader along with them for what can be a very bumpy ride. Grab a tissue before you read this novel. In fact, you better grab two just in case.


Of all the characters in this story, Manalo is the one who will steal your heart. He is fearful of abandonment, yet even though Koa hurts him repeatedly, he continues to love the man. Manalo has a strength of character and an almost unlimited capacity for forgiveness that are exceptional, so when he finally breaks, it makes quite an impact. Koa is slightly less sympathetic and seems to need a swift kick or two on a regular basis in order to keep him in line. It is Manalo’s absolute devotion to this man that redeems him.

Overall, Stolen Magic is an emotional roller coaster of a book and an exceptional read. I look forward to reading more by Mr. Llewellyn in the future.


Reviewed by: Whitney


In my linen closet, I fumbled for a bag of goodies I’d snagged at a friend’s bridal shower. A woman had come to the party and taught us all state of the art blowjob techniques. I’d bought just about everything, held onto it for two years and now I was about to give my purchases a test run. Finally.

So many delicious toys, which one to try out on him first? Well, I’d said Pig in Paradise, might as well do it. I took out the tube canister and shoved everything else back in the closet.

“What’s going on? What took you so long?” He was pouting like a sexy magazine model. “What’s that?”

I opened the canister and out tumbled the rope of pearls. I took one end in my left hand, the other in my right.

“Think you’re ready for it?” I snapped the strand tight.

He nodded, staring at the pearls, too excited to speak.

I got between his legs and started licking his cock head. I made eye contact with him as I took the whole head in my mouth and he moaned.

“Go deeper, baby…please.”

I ignored him, taking my time, making sure he was good and wet before I gave him that distinct pleasure. I licked to the base of his cock, then let my mouth follow, keeping it tight around his cock. When I took him down my throat, he started going crazy on the bed. I took the pearls and slipped them around his cock and balls and wound them around once, twice, three times, as my mouth came back up his pole.

“Oh…Manalo…that feels…incredible.”

I used the pearls to move up his cock as my mouth met it in the middle. I let the pearls go around the base, then back around his cock and balls, and then I gave his balls some attention. By the time I’d wrapped the pearls around the base and balls for the fourth time, then tightened my grip, my mouth was sucking like a whirling dervish and his ass shot in the air. He came so hard, he startled me.

“Oh God, Oh God!” Holding my head tight, he battered my throat until I thought he would never stop coming. I kept my grip on the pearls the way I’d been taught, knowing he would still be coming long after he’d stopped gushing. His cock throbbed crazily in my mouth and he fell back on the bed.

“Baby…I’m still coming.” He thrashed on the bed and I marveled at how long his orgasm lasted. I finally took pity on him when he flopped back, a tear escaping the corner of his eye.

I released the bonds on his cock and balls and tongued and kissed everything. He was still rigid when my tongue tip met his cock head.

“You belong to this cock, Manalo,” he whispered.