Shipwreck Bay

Dragan and his lover Marek are taking one last shot at love.

Taking a Cruise through the Greek Ioanian Islands in an effort to revive their once hot relationship, Marek is deeply hurt by Marek’s recent online infidelity. He isn’t sure he even wants to be with Marek anymore, let alone be stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere.

Just as he starts to relax and enjoy the timeless beauty of the island of Zakynthos and Marek begins to convince him of his remorse, the two men are abducted by pirates on an isolated white-gold sandy cove called Shipwreck Bay.

But this is no terror plot.

Dragan discovers Marek has taken drastic measures to win back the love he once took for granted. This is the ultimate fantasy seduction…but is it enough to recapture that old black magic called love? Can two men, two hearts, find their way to one another again?

On the lonely, mysterious Ionian Sea cove of Shipwreck Bay, Dragan discovers that revenge on a cheating lover is a dish best served sexy, spicy and hot.


Cata-Network Readers: Reviewer Elise Lyn
Rating: Four Stars

With a beautiful and romantic setting, enough steam to fog your glasses and a lesson in love, Shipwreck Bay will have you panting and looking for pirates of your very own. Dragan was extremely hurt by Marek’s action and Marek resolves to get him back the only way he feels he can. And what a way! How? Run out and pick this one up. Grab something cool and prepare to be entertained by Shipwreck Bay.

FOUR ANGELS from Fallen Angel Reviews

A. J. Llewellyn has created a story that covers the complete spectrum of human emotions. It was interesting to get inside both Dragan and Marek’s heads to understand their feelings and motivations. The beautiful visual descriptions of the Greek Islands added to the depth of the plot line. I loved the plan that Marek devised for Dragan was a do or die last effort to decide the outcome of his life. The love between Marek and Dragan was as beautiful to watch as it was painful to see them struggle. Thanks go to A. J. Llewellyn for an incredible story.

Reviewed by: Teresa

Two Lips Reviews Rating: 5 lips

Shipwreck Bay is one steamy romance!! Wow, talk about your hot man-love. I think even the goddess Pele would feel the fire within this story! This story is full sexy men to the point of overflowing, including Dragan and Marak! A.J Llewellyn definitely knows how to build a story about saying “I’m sorry” with style and uniqueness! Read Shipwreck Bay when you’re in the mood for some super hot man-love and have a fan handy to cool yourself off with while you are reading!

Reviewed by Tina.


“Let me get this straight,” I panted. “I’m taking on three guys? And what will you be doing?”

He grinned. “I’ll be watching.”

“Watching?” The mouth on my cock let go and I let out a cry of protest. I was aware of the men all moving around me. “You’re not joining in?”

 “No. Not yet.” His mouth barely touched mine and he moved away, up to the captain’s chair, watching as somebody held a jug over my back.

I felt hot liquid pouring from the nape of my neck down to my tailbone and two, then three pair of hands massaging me. I gasped from the searing heat of the oil and all those hands. “What about the captain?”

Marek laughed. “I knew you’d like him.  “How about it, Nikos?”

Nikos was kicking off his shoes and throwing his shirt to the floor before the question was even finished. He stripped to a tiny pair of red underpants that were springing a leak. Of the cock variety. The tiny swatch of stretch fabric could not contain the enormous tool itching to be released. Talk about peek-a-boo. That enormous cock was stiff and poking out the side of those underpants. My eyes reluctantly went back to Marek.

“He’s all yours, fellas.” Marek leaned back in the chair

Aware of the strong, masculine scent of the captain, the next thing I knew every pair of hands was working on me, but nobody went near my cock or my balls. My body instinctively responded to the firm strokes and Marek got out of the chair.

“Damn, baby, this is harder than I thought.”

He was pacing now and I felt somebody’s warm hand at my ass then a long, wet tongue went straight to my ass hole.  “Oh, fuck…” I turned around. It was Juan, the porn star. So many times Marek and I had watched the way he lavished tongue to ass resuscitation on other guys in movies. This was a guy who loved other men’s bodies and now, he was loving mine! He took his tongue off me again, a wicked grin on his face.

Juan leaned back on his well-toned haunches, his rigid cock sticking straight into the air. “Take him down to the cabin.”

“No, stay up here on deck. I want to watch.” Marek was anxious now.

Juan held up his hand.  “You can look, but not touch, he’s ours now.”