Savage (Tame #2)

Review by Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

This sequel to ‘Tame’ is just as amazing as the first book. The characters are very realistic (especially for a werewolf book), the storyline is gripping and adds a deepening mystery to this world, and the deep love between the main characters provides a level of romance that left me very happy. The concept of this book is based entirely on actual legends (go and google some of them, you will be amazed), and yet A.J. Llewellyn manages to add just a bit of extra magic, a personal touch that makes the whole story come together as a paranormal tale with some fascinating implications.

Cavan is a detective who deals with facts, yet he has learned to accept his lover’s somewhat supernatural nature. He is determined to help Ludo make it through the next eighteen months without killing someone, so Ludo can finally be free of the curse that causes his monthly transformations. Even if Ludo’s moodiness around the full moon is taxing, it is very clear Cavan loves and supports him all the way.

Ludo’s background is explored in some more detail in this book, and I loved that. He stands by Cavan, and even helps him figure out who might be behind the next brutal kidnapping and mistreatment of an innocent man. He seems to know more about the stone wolves from next door that suddenly come to life, and he finds himself in major trouble, attacked from all sides. Through it all, his main goal is to protect the man he loves, and even though Cavan can fend for himself, some of the more supernatural aspects are uniquely suited for Ludo to deal with.

If you like stories that take you out of reality into a paranormal world full of secrets and legends, and if you still want your characters to be realistic and for things to make sense in that unique blend of paranormal and reality A.J. is very good at, then you will most probably like this book. This is another great paranormal story in the world of ‘Tame’, adding all the elements of a good mystery to the story of a deepening love and trust between two men who will fight for each other – no matter what.