Romeo and Julius

Review by Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

This is a story with a definite difference. Not just in terms of the title, which is an allusion to one of the most famous, if somewhat unlucky, love stories in the history of Western civilization, but also in its setting. As an official fan of A.J. Llewellyn’s stories, especially the ones set in Hawaii, I was already very happy when I read the blurb. Well, not about the storyline, because that sounded like the hero was going to be very, very stressed by about page fifteen. No, what caught my attention was the fact that this was a Hawaiian A.J. story!

Romeo is an interesting character. Some might call him naïve to fall for a scam that promises him a dream job in Kauai. After all, everyone knows that something that sounds too good to be true generally is. The cynic in me definitely agrees with those people. But you know what? The minute I started reading about Romeo and his desperate need to make a better life for himself, that changed. His willingness to do anything to make an honest living and his ability to pick up the pieces of his life again and again was impossible to resist. I’ve never been in as desperate a situation as his, but I can understand how it might influence the way people think. And Romeo is just a great guy!

Julius is a bit mysterious at first. I wasn’t quite sure where he fit and since Romeo’s point of view is all I had, I learned about Julius at the same time as Romeo did. I really enjoyed that. The twists and turns were fascinating, as were all of the secondary characters. They really brought the story to life even more, and increased my enjoyment when I read this story again, now that it has been rereleased.

If you like stories which have you breathless with excitement and incensed at the injustice of what is happening to the main character at the same time, this one should make you happy. If the setting of beautiful Hawaii intrigues you even half as much as it does me, this story will help make you feel as if you’re there. And finally, if you like a love story with a twist and gorgeous men who have to work to overcome the obstacles in their lives before a happy ending, give this book a go. I’ll bet you won’t regret it. I certainly didn’t.