Rent Boy (Phantom Lover #5)

Kimo Wilder, Hawaii’s number one hula dancer and powerful kahuna (priest) is booked into a lavish hotel in Maui during a July 4th weekend break…with a Rent Boy. Would he really cheat on his beloved husband Lopaka…or will the Independence Day fireworks display set for sunset on the island not going to be the only explosion Maui’s going to see over the weekend?


Rent Boy by Elisa Rolle – Live Journal:
Rent Boy is a little sexy romp: Kimo Wilder is on Maui without his husband Lopaka and he rents a boy, Agapito, and andalusian guy who usually escorts women, but he is fascinated by Kimo, and so, for the first time, he accepts to be with a man.

But why Kimo decided to betray his husband? Is maybe a thing due to the imminent parenthood? Maybe he starts to feel the weight of a family, and sex with Lopaka is becoming a routine?

The story is a long sex scene of less than 30 pages and it has a twist in the middle that puts me at ease with all the story. Anyway kudos to A.J. Llewellyn to have the courage to “play” with his characters.

Night Owl Romance review
by Angi
Hearts: 4.5

When I first started reading this short story my first inclination was to reach through my computer and smack Mr. Llewellyn right upside his head and ask him “WHAT THE HECK? How could you have Kimo cheat on Lopaka?” Then I continued reading and found that Mr. Llewellyn is a very sneaky boy indeed. I completely enjoyed the little twist that was thrown in to throw off the readers.

If you’ve read any of the previous works about Kimo and Lopaka, you’ll enjoy this title. It’s a quick read and very very hot and steamy, as any 4th of July story should be. But it’s also very touching and will have your heart giving a little sigh./

Two Lips Reviews Rating: 5 lips

AJ Llewellyn brings you into a sexual fantasy that Kimo and his partner Lopaka share in Rent Boy and they are very convincing too! At first, even I was confounded and uncertain of the reasons why Kimo was behaving the way he was. The love between the two men is a tangible force in Rent Boy. I look forward to seeing more of their adventures in the future. Rent Boy will show you that the 4th of July really does end with a bang!

Reviewed by Tina. reviewer: WitchGiggles – I was amazed that in the first paragraphs I truly thought Kimo would cheat, then remembered why I loved this series and knew better. But Mr. Llewellyn proved once more what a talented author he truly is and delivered up another hot, loving, humorous look at the lives of my favorite couple.

Reviewed by Jambrea for Joyfully Reviewed

Rent Boy is firecrakin hot. I can’t say too much about Rent Boy with out giving plot point away, but I will say it was smoking hot and a great quick read. The world of Phantom Lover keeps growing and Rent Boy is a great addition to the series.


Kimo took my breath away with his long gleaming hair held back with a strand of shiny koa wood beads. I felt the contained menace oozing from him as he circled me. I was wearing exactly what he’d demanded that I wear. He’d sent a driver with a suit, shoes, socks and the most amazing underwear I’d ever worn in my life. Lace briefs for men.

He put his hand to my crotch. “You’re not hard.” His fingers searched for the outline of my cock and my gaze fell on a chunk of lava rock at the foot of the lush green garden, bursting with birds of paradise, giddy, gaudy heleconia and jade. The foamy water worked at the rocks, the way Kimo Wilder was working at me. He grunted when his persistent strokes got me hard.

“Success at last,” he whispered and took his hand away, continuing his rhythmic circling of me.

I understood in that moment how animals in the wild felt when ravenous predators circled them searching for the weak spot, watching, waiting for that perfect moment to strike. Kimo leaned forward and with both hands pulled the silk jacket from my body. It fell in a soft puddle on the floor.

“You have a nice, tight ass.” His voice was at my ear as his right hand fondled my butt cheeks. “And you are absolutely straight?”

“Yes.” I was trembling now. I’d heard he packed a huge poker in his pants. What the heck was I getting myself into?