Phantom Lover (Phantom Lover #1)

Reviewed by Heather
Coffee Time Romance
Rating: Four Cups – Outstanding Great Read 

In a story as rich in peaks and valleys as the islands on which it’s set, Phantom Lover is hot and lush as a Hawaiian rain forest. Bobby’s voice is heartfelt and real, his struggles and triumphs surprisingly relatable for me. Any reader with a pulse will fall immediately in lust with the powerful and sexy Kimo. His virile presence seems to leap off the page and rise before me in rich, vivid color. AJ Llewellyn has crafted a story in the timeless tradition of romantic texts everywhere, both with a modern and ancient twist. I’m glad to know I need not wait long for his next installment in this romantic saga.

Phantom Lover
Reviewed by Remmy Duchene
for Midnight Kisses

“For writing a tale that makes me ache to visit Hawaii, and a piece of art that is so well thought out, highly erotic and delicious, I give Phantom Lover a French kiss.”

Phantom lover wasn’t at all what I expected but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. A.J Llewellyn has weaved a beautifully, orgasmic tale of forbidden love on a sensual island. A.J has mixed highly erotic pleasures with history that leaves you hanging on to every word of the tale. This story is rich with an energy that leaves you hanging on to every word of the tale.

Phantom Lover is rich with history and Hawaiian culture that is breath-taking in its perfection. It is eveident that the author has done thorough research which is a breath of fresh air. The characters were highly flawed and were real with emotion that emanated off the pages. Hot sex, beautiful scenery, conflicts that pulled me to the edge of my seat and pulled at my heart, then add a dash of magic and you get a wonderfully delightful experience.For writing a tale that makes me ache to visit Hawaii, and a piece of art that is so well thought out, highly erotic and delicious, I give Phantom Lover a French kiss.

Phantom Lover
Reviewed by Logan M. Whyte, author of The Chronicles of the Phoenix: Book One – Ashes to Ashes

With a literary voice that immediately transports the reader to Hawaii, A.J. Llewellyn has crafted a tale straight out of Hawaii’s rich cultural background.
With scorching hot sex scenes that would put even Mistress Pele to shame, be sure you have enough time set aside to read this in one sitting. Compelling doesn’t even come close to describing Phantom Lover.
You will find yourself lost in Bobby’s trials as he pursues the object of his desire: the powerful Kimo. Emotional peaks and valleys take the reader on a wild ride of awakening and a journey to everlasting love only few can find.

Phantom Lover
Reviewed by Elisa Rolle
Live Journal

This book is like a porn: you claim aloud to hate it and blame its naughtiness, but at night you see it in trance. So it’s this book: I read it in rapture to know what will happen next and to be true, sometimes, I was not able to anticipate the events.

Phantom Lover
Reviewed by Brett
Rainbow Reviews 5 Stars

A.J. Llewellyn does a wonderful job of presenting true Hawai’ian society while seamlessly blending in a story of true, scorching hot man/man love. This book was hot and compelling and I had a very hard time putting it down. Llewellyn makes me want to go learn more about Hawaiian culture and mythology.

From Literary Nymphs: Five Nymph Review by Chocolate Minx:

Phantom Lover is an excursion into the cultural heritage of the Hawaiian people, with the traditional hula dances, chants and rituals. A.J. Llewellyn intertwines this with an extraordinary storyline of intense, erotic love scenes, and relationships so emotional, it leaves you feeling heartbroken for a moment. It is amazing how much Bobby endures and survives, Bobby is very lovable. Kimo learns how real love can enhance his life, and bring him the bliss he has never known. This is a brilliant story that I enjoyed immensely, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

Night Owl Romance gave Phantom Lover 4 out of 5 hearts!

Here’s what Zollyanna said:
A.J.Llewlyn has done an excellent job weaving a romantic suspenseful story, with some history behind it of the Hawaiian culture. The story is tender and the characters are well rounded. A.J. gives us a wonderful story that you will not want to put down till you finish it. It is truly a keeper and one for the shelves.

Fallen Angel Review of Phantom Lover: Five out Five Angels!! Reviewed by Teresa

A.J. Llewellyn has created a fascinating story that blends modern social issues with ancient Hawaiian history. I loved how Kimo lives in the modern world but has many very spiritual aspects to his personality. The reader isn’t sure for a while if he really sees and hears things beyond the normal realm until Bobby himself acknowledges it. Bobby is sure of who and what he is and is willing to give his feelings for Kimo a try even though his chances aren’t good. Kimo appears to be very strong, but underneath he has the same problems as everyone else. Come watch Bobby and Kimo as they fight to overcome not only the outside forces, but themselves to find a love that could change their lives forever.


Once in a while, after reading dozens of books, I open a book and know before finishing the first chapter it is worth the highest accolade. A.J. Llewellyn’s PHANTOM LOVER is one such book.

PHANTOM LOVER is a mix of Hawaiian history and fantasy with the hottest love scenes I’ve read in a long time. Kimo is a married man, who is not only every woman’s fantasy but every man’s wet dream. While trying to live up to his cultural expectations and maintain the propriety of marriage, he suppresses the need to find his own happiness. When the gods themselves takes the matter out of his hands, he has no choice but to run to the one person who makes him whole and cling to him for all he is worth.

Bobby starts out as any typical young man, wanting that special someone to love. But in travelling his path, he ends up with not only a broken heart but also making the wrong choices for the right reason – which, as expected, ends badly. Once he becomes involved with Kimo, and the realization of what and who Kimo is sinks in, he quickly grows up and embraces all the challenges of a dysfunctional relationship. His strength and the beauty of his personality is one of the highlights of the book.

The pain and pleasure of watching both Kimo and Bobby grow is quite an experience. The emotional highs and lows during their growth is unending and relentless, leaving you with deep regret for the time wasted getting to this stage and extreme pleasure at the fact that they have grown and use the lessons learned to recognize their soul mate.

For first time readers and old fans, PHANTOM LOVER is a character driven story. Kimo and Bobby suck you into their world of a thousand emotions and never let you go. Be prepared for a wild ride. A.J. Llewellyn – take a bow! PHANTOM LOVER stands up and roars.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: jhayboy

Phantom Lover Five Lips and A Recommended Read by Two Lip Reviews:

A.J. Llewellyn brings the Hawaiian Islands to life in Phantom Lover. This is the first and most powerful novel in the Phantom Lover’s series. Bobby falls in love with Kimo before he even meets him for the first time, having seen him in a painting in a window. Imagine his shock to know the real man was more charismatic than his painting. Kimo is in for the shock of his life to discover his mate might actually be a man not a woman.

I loved the blend of the Hawaiian culture and modern day life. The love of the history and Hawaiian Islands just jumps out from the pages to bring the reader there too. This is a rich wonderfully written story and Phantom Lover will show you that true love truly is just a matter of the heart. Reviewed by Tina.


I watched Kimo Wilder eating out my ass. He licked me like I was a woman. His woman.

Suddenly, he stopped. “Does this feel good?”

“Yes, oh yes.”

“You’re not going to come again, are you? I don’t want you to come until I’m inside you.”
I hadn’t even thought about how hard my cock was. The tip was reaching for sky, purple-red, anxious for release.

“Don’t touch it,” I said. “I’ll last.”

“I don’t know that I can’t touch it,” he said, in wonderment. “It’s so pleased to see me.”

He dropped a small, possessive kiss on the shaft and went back to my asshole. I almost jumped from the thrill of having this magnificent warrior’s mouth back on me, licking me with all the passion, all the concentration he normally gave his wife.

Kimo kept at it and it was becoming harder and harder not to come. I focused on breathing, on not doing anything that would take his mouth away from me.

His tongue laved my asshole and I felt myself getting wetter and more open and he sensed it too, moaning into my deepest recesses.

He raised his head again and snarled, “You’re mine now, bitch. If I fuck you, there’s no going back.”

I grabbed his huge tool then, pointing it exactly where I needed it. We were clear now. I wanted his cock. He wanted ownership of me.

He let me guide him to me, then he brushed my hands away as he slowly entered me. The pleasure-pain engulfed me as Kimo Wilder eased himself into me.

“Oh God, you’re so warm in there. I had no idea.” He took his time, working his way into me, until my body accepted the biggest thing it had ever had inside it. “You’re so tight, Bobby.” He rotated his hips and the jolts of pain as he stretched and pulled at my ass muscles shifted to something else. Then he took that massive cock out of me.

“No, no,” I screamed. “Don’t take it away from me!”

And he thrust it back into me again.

“Beautiful mahou,” he said.” You have no idea how good this is.”

“I can make it better.” I started to contract my ass muscles and a look of astonishment crossed his face as he roared to an orgasm, sending his red-hot lava spilling into me.
My cock jerked with the weight of him on me and I reached down to pull myself off, but he was man enough to move my hand away.

“No, no, I want to do it.” He pulled on me in the way men jerk themselves off.

“No, like this,” I said, since I had to teach him. I like the hand curled around the prick, up over the head. He understood at once and took great delight in watching my own release as he slowed down the ass fucking he was giving me.

“I want to stay inside you. I want to do it again. You love getting fucked, don’t you?”

“I love getting fucked by you,” I said, surprising him by raising my head with him still impaling me and I licked his nipples.

“Oh…oh…shit, that’s good. Oh fuck…that one, baby. That one, mahou, the left one.”

Indeed, his left nipple was distended now and I sucked on it, knowing what messages it was sending to his cock. Fuck the mahou.

He started again in slow, circular, hula motions and I wished I could watch his ass muscles moving as he sawed in and out of me again. Nothing else mattered but this feeling of ecstasy we had created and I met each of his lunges as his cock got harder and harder and he pulled it all the way out, only to give it right back to me again. He threw my legs over his shoulders, holding them to him, giving him leverage, but also bringing me closer.

There was such fierce absorption on his face, a passion I have never seen before. His mouth opened and I rose to meet him. If there was resistance at first, it soon melted away as I sucked on his whole tongue and he dipped forward to feed it all to me.

Again I was teaching him. He could fuck my mouth with his tongue, bringing us both more joy.
He took his mouth from me, forcing himself down on me. I loved the feel of his hard, masculine body on mine, then he started to suck at my nipples, moving away again, intent on watching how it looked to find his cock in another man’s ass.

Suddenly, the skies opened up in a firework display of thunder and lightning.

“She’s here!” Kimo shouted. Oh, Pele,” he chanted in Hawaiian, screaming into the vast space of stars and sky, alive now with her own power play.

A strange, beautiful night glow filled the sky and I looked up to see millions of twinkling stars as my lover kept up a blistering pace inside me. I felt like Pele’s lover, Kamapua’a, had come back to mortal form, fucking me with his huge cock-tusk, letting her feel our eruptions, sharing the moment we sent each other out into the abyss.