Needed (Mingo McCloud # 2)

Review by Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews

I couldn’t wait to jump back into the world of Mingo and his lover, Francois. For one, these guys are hot as hell, and two, the books are well written with just the right amount of humor, mystery, sarcasm, romance, and sex. I was definitely looking forward to this installment because it looked like Mingo might get the chance to rescue Francois instead of the other way around. I think it would be difficult to be in a relationship with someone who is so darn capable of taking care of himself. I wasn’t surprised Mingo was feeling a little insecure at the beginning of the story. In case you are wondering, I strongly recommend you read these books in order to keep the information straight.

Mingo and Francois have been together for five months and they’re still going strong. That’s what’s worrying Mingo a little. How can he be an equal partner in this relationship, marriage if Francois gets his way, if Mingo can’t stand to be away from Francois for even a few hours? It makes Mingo feel off center, as if he needs Francois more than Francois needs him. Mingo’s business is in a bit of a slump as Benny has stopped sending work to him due to their issues in the previous story. So, when Francois sets him up on a lunch meeting with a couple of detectives Mingo knows, Mingo is surprised when they tell him the governor is putting together a task force and they want Mingo to work with them. He’ll get a minimum one year contract with a monthly stipend plus expenses and Mingo will work with these two detectives and a DA on all their cases. Mingo is thrilled, to say the least!

Their first case involves a cult that has set up shop and seems to be scamming people out of their money. It also appears the cult has committed murder to protect their secrets. Before they can begin investigating, the cult leader disappears under heavy surveillance. Even worse, though, before Mingo can get Leilani involved and working with him, Benny sneaks in and steals her. Oh, that darn Benny! Leilani is devastated as she didn’t know that Mingo wasn’t working with Benny when she agreed to it and Mingo is equally upset at not working with his girl. In the midst of this, Francois has to head to St. Martin to install a security system for a very wealthy and, slightly paranoid, man leaving Mingo for five days. Mingo isn’t happy.

The next time Mingo speaks to Francois, there’s a hurricane headed toward the Caribbean and then Francois disappears with his hotel room being ransacked. Mingo is out of his mind with worry and heads directly to St. Martin to find Francois. Seems there is a lot of misdirection and misinformation and Mingo is not happy to discover that Francois neglected to tell him the whole truth. It doesn’t matter, though, because Mingo will find Francois and bring him home and then Mingo can get angry about the half-truths.

Oh, I adored this second installment. I’m only sad because Iill have to wait until November for the next two books in the series to be re-released and that’s the only way to get them. I’m not very patient and having to wait for more Mingo and Francois will drive me bananas. These books are great and I’m so loving the ride!


5/5 Owls from Night Owl Romance – Reviewer Top Pick – Review by Zollyanna.

A. J. Llewellyn brings us the second book in the The Wanted series with Needed. Mingo and Francois are now living together and still doing their prospective jobs but more in love than ever. Llewellyn shows us how when you loose your true love you will do anything to get them back. As always he never ceases to amaze us and this book is a great sequel to the first in the series.