My Hawaiian Song of Love (Phantom Lover #6)

Katie Garrison’s boyfriend dumps her on the eve of their big move from California to balmly Waikiki. When she arrives, she meets not just one mystery man, but TWO! The first, Nohea, is a seafaring man who seduces her during a turbulent storm on the floor of a double-hull canoe.

The second man, Kahanu is an Aloha Patrol officer who harbors a deep secret she just can’t penetrate, despite their blossoming, very passionate relationship. Disappearing, reappearing and finally afraid he will lose her, Kahanu asks her if she would love him no matter what she discovers about him and she tells him she would.

What Katie is not expecting however is that Kahanu’s big secret is that he is bisexual but has been in a long-term gay relationship for several years with…Nohea.

Shocked and initially appalled, Katie realizes she loves Kahanu and when both men tell her they want to be with her in a three-way relationship, she balks until Nohea asks her how happy does she really want to be?

Just how ready is she for the ultimate sexual, romantic relationship with two, strong, virile men who both love her and both want to be with her?

Katie Garrison discovers unimaginable bliss beneath the stars, under tropic palms and in their arms, her Hawaiian Song of Love.


My Hawaiian Song of Love – Review by Bonnie Rose Leigh

OMG… I got to say this is a totally awesome book. Within the first ten pages I wanted to hop on the nearest plane and fly to Hawaii to see everything for myself. And the characters and plot, completely spellbinding. Katie is a woman, dumped the night before her and her boyfriend’s big move to Hawaii, a move they painstakenly planned for ages. Within hours, she lands a job, a home, and a man. Soon after, Bachelor #2 takes an interest in her, (an Ahola Cop). When she finds out that not only Man 1 and Man 2 know each other but are in a long-term committed relationship, she’s hurt for being played. Who wouldn’t?

But that’s just the beginning of this tale. Kimo and Lopaka are very stong secondary characters in this one as well as others. I was so enthralled with the richness of details, depths of characters, and emotional turmoil throughout the book, I had no choice but to stay up all night to finish it around 5 am this morning. And by the way, when Katie’s men screw up, (as men are wont to do) they do so royally. I can’t say enough positive things about this book. AJ you rock. I urge you all to run over eXtasy Books and get this book NOW!

Nymph Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Book Five in the Phantom Lover series. In this episode, you get an informative tour of exotic hideouts, a touch of magic and vivid characters featured. Katie is rebounding from a recent rejection. I got the impression that her submissive acceptance of the two men is more from fear of being alone. She loves Kahanu, but he is very much under the control of Nohea. Both men claim to love her and want to be with her, but the games that Nohea is so fond of playing places doubts in Katie’s mind about what they really feel about her. The brilliant A. J. Llewellyn presents another masterful story with bigger than life characters that lure you into the middle of the action. Like all great stories, the series has become an addiction and I cannot wait to read what happens next. This is an incredible and very enjoyable series.


I could not stop reading this book. I will always remember this series for ever. Mr. Llewellyn, you are a true blessing to the writing world. All who reads your work will walk away with the knowledge that with the love for what you enjoy doing will always bring you and others true happiness.

Cheers! on yet another fantastic book.

My Hawaiian Song of Love with a mix of romance and menage, this story has something for everyone who enjoys great erotica. Mr. AJ Llewellyn creates passionate characters that pull you into their stories and have you cheering them on.

With this being book #5 in the “Phantom Lover Series” I am sure there is more to come in this series from Mr Llewellyn. reviewer: WitchGiggles – I ADORE A.J. Llewellyn! The twists and turns in this tale are so well thought out and real, I couldn’t help but feel not only Katie’s pain, but both men’s as well. In a story so vibrant that I could practically smell the gardens, see the mountains, and taste the food (it’s dinner time- oops), the most amazing part was that it was written with all the pain, betrayal, passion, and some of the hottest WOW sex , yet came across as true and not a soap opera. Lucky Katie!

5 Angel Recommended Read by Fallen Angel Reviews

A.J. Llewellyn continues his awesome series and adds new characters who add to the depth the story. Katie finds she has a strength within in her that she didn’t know she had as her life spirals out of control. Kahanu and Nohea have secrets of their own that may affect Katie’s life. Kimo and Lopaka have a loving family, but they have enemies who want nothing more than to destroy that happiness. This story has an intricate plot that creates difficult scenarios for everyone to deal with. I loved how the tension in the story continued with brief periods of erotic scenes for the reader to enjoy. The setting and descriptions of Hawaiian history bring the islands to life for the reader. I, for one, have been waiting for this story, but as usual A.J. Llewellyn surprised me with the addition of new characters who made an incredible story even better. Thanks go to A.J. Llewellyn for another story that I couldn’t put down until the very last word.

Reviewed by Teresa


I followed the sounds until they became increasingly louder. I halted mid step when I found them on the bed in another room. I gulped, taken aback at the sight of Kahanu on his belly, his stiff cock poking to the side, legs spread as Nohea fucked him like he was taking no prisoners. Kahanu’s ass rose to every single thrust, crying out as Nohea pulled out and plunged back in again in a savage display of sheer ownership.

“You think can bring that little bitch whore to our bed and get away with it?” Nohea asked. His hand was at Kahanu’s neck, holding on for support as he plunged back inside him again.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Kahanu whimpered, as he took increasingly harder strokes.

“Gimme that ass, bitch, give it to me…that’s it.” Nohea was relentless.

I must have gasped because they both turned to look at me. “Nohea…Are you angry he brought me here?” I asked, wrapping my arms around my now shivering, naked body.

“Katie…baby…it’s just love games, baby.”

Kahanu was wild-eyed. I couldn’t keep my gaze off his muscular ass rising to take the internal beating he was thoroughly enjoying.

“You want to make it better for him?” Nohea grinned.

“Can I suck his cock?” I asked.

“No. His cock is mine right now. Just watch and tell him how beautiful he looks getting fucked.”

Kahanu’s gaze was on me. “Let her have her cock. It belongs to her, too.” His voice raspy.

“Not yet, bitch. I want her to see how hard you come when I’m fucking you in the ass. Look at his cock, Katie. Oh…man, I’m gonna come. Kahanu…” He pulled out, gushing fresh cream and putting his cock right back into Kahanu’s insatiable ass.

“You better come, bitch, or I’m sending her home.” Nohea slapped Kahanu’s ass. Something registered with Kahanu because Nohea was pulling him toward him by the belly, drilling him deeper and harder. He didn’t even put a hand on that raging cock and Kahanu, whose arms went up to encircle Nohea’s head in a passionate embrace, came, shooting hot, sweaty cream all over the sheets.

“That’s better, bitch.” Nohea pushed him down on the bed. Kahanu was breathing heavily, still joined by the ass to Nohea’s body.

“I expect Kimo has the same problem with Lopaka.” Nohea stroked Kahanu’s neck and back.

“What problem is that?” I asked, still trying to absorb what I’d just seen.

“He fucks his man like a bitch in heat all day long and he still can’t knock him up.”