Mated (Mingo McCloud #4)

Forensic accountant Mingo McCloud, his lover, Francois, and their son, Ferric, are in Hartford, Connecticut, for their best friends’ wedding. On a mission to pick up the brides’ wedding cake, Mingo and Ferric are carjacked. Francois, furious that he wasn’t there to protect his family, drops the super-secret case on which he’s been working to take Mingo and Ferric for a quick, sun-drenched trip to his birthplace of St. Martin in the Caribbean.

Unbelievably, Mingo and Ferric encounter the same two men who carjacked them in Hartford, and it soon emerges that they’re connected to Francois’ latest security assignment. Francois is now hell-bent on revenge, whilst Mingo must deal with long-dormant feelings for his ex-lover, Kaolin, who is also on vacation in St. Martin. Kaolin wants Mingo back and will do anything to win his heart, even marry him. But there’s another guy hovering, too, hunky FBI agent Sage Brantley, who wants another hot threesome with Mingo and Francois.

Who will die? Who will get bedded? Are Mingo and Francois fated to be mated, and were the carjackers’ guns made in Taiwan?


Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews

Only Mingo can get carjacked at a stop sign in Hartford, Connecticut, and have the guys drive off with Leilani’s gorgeous three-tiered wedding cake in the backseat. Poor Leilani. I tell you, Mingo, Francois, and now Ferric, manage to get into more trouble than anyone else I know. They keep me laughing and loving their stories.

In ‘Mated’, the fourth installment of A.J. Llewellyn’s wonderful ‘Mingo McCloud’ series, Mingo, Francois, Ferric, and Mingo’s mom go to Connecticut for their best friend’s wedding. After the scare of the carjacking, Francois decides he’s not taking the case he was approached about, and, instead, he takes the family to St. Martin for a few days before they’ll head home to Hawaii. Unfortunately, nothing is ever that simple for this family. Turns out the guys who did the carjacking are actually out to kill Francois, and it all ties into the security work he did for a client on St. Martin several months before.

As usual, there’s a whole lot of excitement going on in this short story. Mingo has a nasty run-in with his stupid ex, and it was cute to see Francois get so jealous. I’m adoring the relationship both Francois and Mingo have with Ferric and I love the fact that he calls both of them Dad. I’m so looking forward to the next installment! Thank you, A.J., for another fun read.


Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

What a perfect fourth volume in the Mingo McCloud series! It was so funny – I’m still laughing. But it was also very touching. The love Mingo and Francois share has really grown and developed over time, and now includes Francois’s son, Ferric. They have become a true family.

I also loved all the food references. An odd craving for Chinese food was added to the “more usual” cake comments. The link between Mingo’s still wanting the bike he never had as a boy and the ending of the book was absolutely perfect. Not to forget there is another mystery that needs solving, there are crooks to be caught and arrests to be made. There is just so much going on in this book, you’ll have to read it yourself to believe it.

This is wonderful entertainment, set in exotic locations. It includes a large dollop of emotions, true love and some fabulous and very hot sex. What more could you possibly want?