Manacled (Mingo McCloud #6)

Honolulu’s hottest forensic accountant Mingo McCloud is launching the criminal investigation he never dreamed possible. The perp? Himself.

It’s wedding bells in Waikiki with Mingo set to marry Francois. Friends and family arrive from all over the world, and just as the intrepid pair gets ready to say “I do,” they don’t. A mysterious woman shows up at the service, claiming to be the long-lost wife of…Mingo!

Needless to say, Mingo is stunned. Not the least because he’s never dated a woman, much less married one. The whole family’s in an uproar, especially when the shady lady produces wedding pictures and love letters allegedly written by Mingo.

He and Francois are determined to unravel the mystery. But for Mingo, the shocks don’t stop coming when it appears he has a trail of busted female hearts behind him, as well as some serious grifting. What the heck is going on? Is he the victim of a conspiracy, or is something else happening? Are parts of Mingo awake and doing things he knows nothing about when he’s sleeping?


Lura Wolf, The TBR Pile

This is the sixth book in the series and labeled as a stand alone. Though it can, I wouldn’t recommend it as such. The book lacked the emotional character connection and was too fast paced for it to be a stand alone. Even though there were parts where I felt slightly confused because I didn’t have an in-depth knowledge of the back story, it’s a fun and witty read. There are a lot of characters in the novel but rather than take away from the plot, they added to it. They made the dialoged really dynamic and interesting. The passion and
relationship between Francois and Mingo is a combination of playful, hot, and funny.

Mingo’s so very smart but not only comes across as goofy but is often described as such. Despite Francois being the more domineering one, he comes off as a big kid who uses his charm to get what he wants. While the mystery isn’t really a mystery all the action made it exciting. My favorite thing though was that I never stopped laughing. I highly recommend this book to those that enjoy humor, romance, and action.

Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews

If you follow my reviews, at all, or, better yet, you love A.J. Llewellyn’s ‘Mingo McCloud’ series as much as I do, the thought of Mingo dating a woman, much less marrying one, should make you snort water out of your nose. I’m here to tell you, no way has Mingo ever thought about, much less done, anything that involved girl bits. Cause that’s just gross. Seriously. Mingo is all about the male danglies and since being with Francois, who is packing prime beef, there is simply no way that my boy, Mingo, would’ve gone to the dark side. But I was damned excited to read about the mystery and the intrigue.

I absolutely adored watching Francois, Mingo, Ferric, and Mom go shopping for items to put on the wedding registry. Francois cracked me up when he said, “I’m in orbit, babe. I had no idea we got to pick all the things we want and put ’em on a list and people actually buy them for us! Straight people have had it made in the shade! For years!” The wedding is set for January first on the beach below their home. Friends and family are flying in from all over the country. I could literally feel all of the excitement. And, then, she arrives, claims Mingo married her, and causes much havoc. “I keep seeing her huge breasts in my mind. My God. There’s no way I coulda married her. I like dicks!”

This was so exciting watching, not just Francois and Mingo, but Mom, Ferric, Leilani, Mele, Sage, and Benny all jump into investigating the situation. Not only did they have to prove the woman’s claims were false, but they had to figure out who she was and what she wanted, and all of this had to be done in less than a week. Yikes! You’ll have to read the book to get the answers but I can assure you it’s quite exciting!

Thank you, A.J., for another awesome and seriously mind-blowing adventure with my guys, Mingo and Francois. I’m really hoping, and begging, for more books in this series because I enjoy them so much.


Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

Manacled must be one of the funniest mysteries I’ve ever read. All of the Mingo McCloud books are a little like that, but this one ‘takes the cake’, so to speak. The idea of Mingo launching an investigation against himself is hilarious enough. But the additional humor of Ferric developing and selling facebook apps, the idea of Mingo ever being married to a woman and all the back and forth with the investigation to find out the truth make everything even funnier.

Mingo and Francois are as hot and loving as ever. They can’t even visit the wedding registry at Macy’s without sneaking some time for a kiss. I just love their passion for each other. This newest test of their relationship only derails them for a very short time before they, luckily, band together again to find the real culprit. And what a surprise that was!

Manacled is a great fit with the rest of the series, brings back all the ‘old favorites’ but adds a new spin to the continuing saga of ‘the hottest forensic accountant in Hawaii’. I’m sure that Mingo’s fans will love this book as much as I did, and new readers might just get tempted to go back and read the rest of the series – I certainly would!