Ma Ma Loa (A Vampire in Waikiki #3)

aikiki vampire Jimmy Thunder is excited to finally have his cherished mate Tem all to himself. With their family members gone and this being Valentine’s Day, he has one thing on his mind. Some hot undead, man on man action…except Jimmy’s life is never that simple.

Tem is being troubled by bad dreams of the life he has left behind and Jimmy, the go-to guy for Waikiki’s undead denizens is required to come up with a new Ma Ma Loa…but who or what is a Ma Ma Loa? Can’t a guy be left in piece to enjoy love’s most famous day?



Rated 5 Angels by Fallen Angel Reviews!

Mr. Llewellyn has continued his series with this loving and erotic story. The setting and visual descriptions of Hawaii bring the story to life for the reader. I love reading each book as we learn more about the characters as they live out their lives. The use of old traditions handed down through the ages brings a sense of reality to the story. Tem is the kind of person to take in strays of any kind, and Dev will never say no, even when it could cause him heart break later on. The solution that Dev finds is unique and very fitting for the time of year. The love between Dev and Tem is beautiful to behold. I will be waiting for further books in the Waikiki Vampire series. Reviewed by: Teresa



“Baby, it’s Valentine’s Day.” Div’s eyes shone. “You think it’s too early for some morning head?”

“Nuh-uh.” I wriggled all over the tousled sheets, trying to get my cock in his mouth. When we wanted each other badly, those canine teeth refused to recede, but Div was so careful, licking and sucking and tonguing the length of my cock. I saw the cock-hunger in his eyes, wondering how on earth my horny, hung husband ever thought he was straight.

“I need your sweet hole, baby.” His tongue ran a precision line down my inner thigh and my legs widened as his lips reached their target.

“Oh, Div…”

He was lapping at my ass and I felt my whole body go slack except for my cock, ass and balls. Oh, he was a bad man, capable of keeping me hard and panting for hours. I could smell the remnants of our supper, strawberries and cream, fresh ahi tuna for our cat Moontime and I screamed out in hunger for my husband’s cock. “Give it to me! Please, Div, please!”

He raised his mouth from my ass and I grabbed his huge cock and pointed it, like the man didn’t know I needed it right in my ass, right where I always wanted it, where he needed to put it.

“You ready for daddy’s dick, baby?”

He should have known better than to tease me. I bit his neck, sending him spastic with desire, his cock leaping right into me as his blood met mine, our souls sighing in that dead of night and then Div eased me away from his neck as his heartbeat quickened.