Love’s Blood (A Vampire in Waikiki #4)

The devil is in Waikiki! What curse could be worse, dealing with hell’s ultimate bad guy…or being a vampire held hostage in French Vietnam?

Tem and Div, Waikiki’s hottest vampires are settling into domestic bliss when a tornado hits Honolulu and something sinister blows in with the vicious wind. Mysterious forces, hell-bent on abducting Tem and Div’s baby nephew Akua, a storm demon, kidnap Tem and hold him hostage.

Devastated, Div must fight to rescue the man he loves, which involves a descent into the past, to French Vietnam, a step back in time to undo the deal he made with the devil many, many years ago…a deal to give him a second chance at love. The catch is Div must choose between the life of the man he loves…and the baby.


Love’s Blood

Five out of Five Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews

Mr. Llewellyn has continued his Waikiki Vampire series with this fast paced and intriguing story. The bond between Tem and Div, physical and mental, allows them to be psychically linked even when they are far apart. I love how they can depend on each other, even if in the end Tem always gets what he wants they both reap the very erotic and pleasurable benefits. It was fascination and horrifying at the same time to learn that vampires in love with each other can fly, but if one of them dies the other can never fly again. The scenes where Div, his sister Heavenly and he mate Clancy flew to the rescue from Waikiki to Asia are incredibly visual as they unfold. The descriptions of the cities they saw and how they had changed from hundreds of years past was captivating. I for one couldn’t put the book down until the very end. I look forward to reading more stories about the lives and loves of the vampires of Waikiki.

Reviewed by: Teresa


 “I did manage to pick up a few interesting sex secrets from the Orient while I was you know…down there.” Tem pointed to the ground.

“Did you, now?”

“Oh, yes. A eunuch who was very mean at first, later became nice. He told me he worked for a sultan and he was supposed to look after the sultan’s wives and he watched them fuck.”

“I bet he picked up a lot of cool tricks.”

“There’s one with chopsticks I am anxious to try.”

“Chopsticks, eh?”

He got up from our bed and left the room, despite my bleat of protest. Moontime turned his back to me until his daddy returned and the cat’s head swiveled around, one eye open, in case fish was involved.

Tem got busy with a pair of black lacquered chopsticks in his fingers.

“Kiss me,” he whispered and I did. With him in my arms, his mouth on mine, I could forget all the demons, my own and everybody else’s. Yes, life was good again. My tongue moved of its own accord down his neck, past my favorite feeding spots on his throat. I felt the racing pulse there and took my time, exploring every sexy inch of him. Tem, however, had other ideas.

“The geisha used chopsticks to hold the man’s testicles in a way to increase blood flow, like this.” Tem took my balls in his interesting little vice grip. “Maybe we need to practice it baby, just to be exact.”

“Yes,” I murmured. “We need to make sure it works.”

“I think it would work best with a blow job and I would be certain not to squeeze to tight.” Tem’s head dropped to my thigh and he started to lick and suck my balls.

He raised his head again. “I love your ass, Div, and I never usually neglect it, but this particular method focuses on the balls and cock.”

All I could say was, “Fuck.”

“I love the idea of mixing it up for you, baby…getting your balls in my grip and sucking them…a mixture of sweet and savage…and a few light licks on your perineum and a squeeze of the chopsticks and then hurry up to the main course…your leaking cock.”

My eyes were half closed with the intensity of feeling. I thought my balls would snap off, at the same time, the pressure did produce sensations that were extraordinary. Every lick was like a little electric current shooting through me. Man, Tem had already mastered the art of providing me with multiple sensations as he gave me head, but this was spectacular. He kept his fingers and tongue moving and the chopsticks rocking back and forth.

I got so excited and I knew Tem felt it, too. His own cock was so hard…I reached down to touch it, but he resisted, wanting me to enjoy myself. I put my foot between his legs and rubbed his cock. I loved the feeling of my skin against his rigid cock and he moaned as he took my whole cock into his mouth. I came so hard I was seeing stars, only then did he release me. The orgasm did not stop. I’d stopped shooting, but I was still coming and Tem kept sucking me. We were going to need a hell of a lot more chopsticks in our future.