Island Bois (Phantom Lover #10)

Lovemore Kendo travels to Hawaii to meet the man he thinks is his soul mate…okay they’ve never met, it’s all been on line and over the phone. In his wildest nightmares however, he never expected to be abandoned at the airport by Makaio.

As the volcanic home of Goddess Pele erupts in the biggest, fiery display the Big Island of Hawaii has seen in almost a hundred years, Lovemore is determined to learn the truth about the man he covets, with shocking results. With his sister constantly pulling the eight of swords in tarot readings for him, Lovemore refuses to give up. On an island where myth, magic and mayhem war with one another, can he find the love, the island boi of his dreams?


Mr. Llewellyn has continued his Phantom Lover series with this incredible story. It is awesome how as each new character is added to the original story the plot line enriches. Lovemore is looking for love like everyone else, except he is willing to put everything on the line in his look for the perfect mate. Makaio at first glance sounds perfect for Lovemore, but he may not be everything he claims he is. Byron is there for Lovemore, but is there something in his life that Lovemore doesn’t know about? I enjoy how Mr. Llewellyn creates a unique scenario before he adds the original characters Lopaka and Kimo to spice up the story, and including Hawaiian history adds almost a mystical feeling to the story. I will be waiting for the next addition to the Phantom Lover series. Reviewed by: Teresa

Rated Five Hearts by Love, Romances & More


Mr. Llewllyn gifts his readers with another wonderful Hawaiian story. With each book set on the Hawaiian islands, the reader can see Mr. Llewellyn’s love for the islands. His detail-rich description give the reader the feeling that they are really there. It’s like you become a part of the story and the infamous Wilder clan.

ISLAND BOIS is part of Mr. Llewellyn’s famous and fantastic Phantom Lover series, you can read it as a stand-alone. Although I can highly recommend the other books of the series, because I can tell you that you will fall in love with Kimo Wilder and his clan. Mr. Llewellyn’s books are highly addictive and you won’t get enough of them.

If you love m/m romances, ISLAND BOIS is definitely a book that you don’t want to miss. I can highly recommend this book because it’s a real keeper.

Reviewed by: Danny Firedragon



4.5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs Island Bois is a love story of how fate can lend a hand in directing us to the right path. Lovemore is a man seeking the happiness of a relationship with his soul mate, only to discover that the mate he thought he had found was only an illusion. His decision to move past his disappointment opened his heart to receive love from an unexpected source and to meet Kimo and Lopaka Wilder from Phantom Lover. A.J. Llewellyn has the amazing ability to create realistic characters that I want to hug during the heartbreaking moments. The plot includes interesting tidbits of Japanese cultural traditions and the love scenes are as hot as a volcanic eruption. Island Bois is another enjoyable installment in the Phantom Lover series.Reviewed by Chocolate Minx


Rated 5 Angels by Fallen Angel Reviews!


I grinned at the cute valet, whose name was Justino. He took my name and room number and two hours later we were driving back toward Kona in his car, a ramshackle beach cruiser that had a surprising amount of power for a vehicle that looked like it was held together with rubber bands.

Boa noite,” he grinned at me.

“Is that good evening?”

He nodded. “In Portuguese.”

I was intrigued. I’d never been out with a Portuguese man before, but my internet wanderings had led me to a few who seemed notorious cruisers.

“In the morning I have to be back at work and I can drive you,” he told me, and I was impressed with his assumption that he was going to get lucky with me. His hand went between my legs and he worked on the zipper of my jeans, his eyes never straying from the road. His fingers snaked into my boxer-briefs and he tsk-tsked over my iffy stiffy.

“How long has it been since you had a man?” he asked me.

“Too long,” I gasped as I became rock hard and his head went straight to my crotch…as he was driving! I helped steer the wheel to bring Justino’s car to the shoulder of the road, my hips and ass bucked and jumped under his tongue and determined strokes. He licked the head of my cock, ran his tongue along the sides of my shaft and held my balls in his hand as he started to suck in an expert way. When I started to come, he took his mouth off me, laughing as I shot all over the place.

“You make a lot of come. You need.” He stroked me to get the last of my juices, his large, expressive eyes lowered in concentration.

“For one hundred dollars you can come in my mouth, for five hundred, you can fuck me in the ass. I don’t usually like bumming, but for you…” He shrugged.

Bumming? I lost my interest in going anywhere with him, but we were both covered in my come. What a crazy experience! Are there any normal gay guys in Hawaii? My thoughts strayed to Byron and I wondered if his boyfriend appreciated what a nice guy he had there.

“You want me to pay you?” I asked Justino, who let go of my cock. He reached into the glove compartment and brought out a box of tissues. We wiped ourselves down and found ourselves laughing.

“Nah…I like you. You’re meigo…sweet. We can have fun. You pay me if it’s good. Yeah?”

“No. I’m going back to the hotel.”

“Nah…come on, we make fun time.” He gave me a hot kiss that left no doubt that we would have fun and he swung the car back on the road.