House of Driscoll (House of Driscoll #1)

Review by Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

This is one of those books that made me wish I’d had the patience to wait for the sequel before I read it – that was for the first edition. Now that I have reread it, I am still fascinated by the way this story is set up and makes me wish I can go straight to the sequel. Of course – this time I can! ‘The House of Driscoll’ has an amazing set of characters, some intriguing mysteries, and it felt like the story barely got started, and “bang” – the next thing I read was “to be continued”. Man! The language I used to describe my feelings when the abrupt ending caught me by surprise was NOT ladylike.

The characters had me fascinated – I even occasionally yelled at them for being idiots in various ways. Max is a cold block of ice who doesn’t know the meaning of love, but he tries to do the right thing. Galien, the man he turned 300 years earlier, still loves him and will do anything to get him back. Blue is an enigma – even to himself, and as he slowly starts remembering things, it only gets “curioser and curioser”. Then there’s Katherine, beautiful and mysterious in her own right, who is somehow linked to Max.

Add a bunch of human religious fanatics and another vampire who believes he’s the second coming, and you’ve got the ingredients for a truly amazing story. You really do not want to wait for the sequel to find out what is REALLY going on…