Hanalei Moon (Moon #1)


With Hanalei Moon: The Ace of SwordsA. J. Llewellyn has given his readers another chance to experience the magic of the Hawaiian Islands. This story references the tarot card Ace of Swords, which connotes rebirth, new beginnings, and understanding life after a period of disillusionment. Mr. Llewellyn has done an excellent job keeping this story in the spirit of that card, because the main character, Gaby, undergoes such a rebirth when he emerges from the ocean after twelve years. Although he is initially devastated by what has occurred, he is soon able to look back on his previous life and see who his friends were and who was possibly just using him.Although this story is not especially long, it is filled with well-developed and colorful characters. The heroes are extremely sympathetic and are also just plain nice. Definitely people that you would want to know and perhaps even hang out with while listening to their stories. The antagonists, while they are not especially evil, will definitely elicit a boo and a hiss or two, and we hope that they’ll get their just reward at the end.In all, Hanalei Moon is a jewel of a story and is filled with the love and zest for life that are typical of Mr. Llewellyn’s work. Bravo.

Five out of Five Angels for Fallen Angel Reviews – Reviewed by: Whitney


Our battle raged until we got to the house, two blocks away, right on the oceanfront on the half moon curve of Hanalei Bay. As always, the moment we were inside the door, I was all over him. I never knew how to respond to his emotional outbursts other than to make love to him. There was nothing we couldn’t sort out in bed, he and I.

He resisted at first, he always took a moment to calm down from one of his flare-ups, but then his mouth met mine and we exchanged a long, heated kiss. I heard Ginger whining. She knew already that her daddies were settling in for a long, solid night of fucking and that a sunset walk probably wasn’t in her immediate future.

I kept my mouth on Ntino, loving the feel of his slim, toned body. He pressed into me, but I knew he was still angry. Lord, I loved to fuck him when he was mad. It made things even more passionate between us, if that was even possible. I kicked the front door shut and took him down to the floor, trying to get between his legs. He twisted and turned underneath me, as if fighting me, even as his hands held my head to his. Our cocks connected. Mine was rock hard, his was not.

It surprised me. Usually the second we touched one another, Ntino had a raging hard on. I ground myself against him and his breath quickened. I pulled his shirt up and over his head, a couple of buttons popping off against the floor. I took hold of his left hand, licking and kissing the palm as his fingers flexed in pleasure. I stole a glance at his face as I sucked fingertips, one by one. There was a look of disbelief, as well as furious lust. I bent forward to lick his face and neck.

He moaned as I moved down to his torso. As my tongue traced his ribs, I held his hands up over his head and heard his deep, contented sigh. My knee kept rubbing, dry humping his crotch, and I felt him harden.

I reached up with another kiss for his mouth, one hand going to his swollen cock. I couldn’t help myself. I needed to touch that sweet, thick, uncut piece of manhood. He had the juiciest one I’d ever seen, his balls heavy in my hands. I ran the cock head against my face and he was squirming for entry into my mouth, but I had to make him wait. I tightened my grip on his cock, running it down my throat and to my chest. The second the head touched my nipple, we both groaned. I took his pants all the way down past his feet. His fingers made quick work of my zippered fly, and as he inched my jeans past my ass, I knew in seconds I was going to be inside him, my man panting for a hard pounding, his legs wrapped around my waist.

No, I wanted this to last.