Fixated (Mingo McCloud #5)

Mingo McCloud has a lot going on. Dealing with his private life just got more complicated now that he and his lover, Francois, have a fulltime teenager in the house. And soon, Mingo has a new foe on his hands: the banshee goddess of the Seven Bridges. Yep, only an island guy like Mingo could wind up tangling with an ancient deity in what should be a routine murder investigation.

But that’s not all. Hawaii has just passed the same-sex civil union bill. Will Francois give up his resistance to getting hitched and pop the question? And what about their son, Ferric? What does his new obsession with a teenage surfing queen have to do with a shark, bikini workouts, pole dancing and…wedding cake?


Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews

It feels like forever (and it has been) since I had the pleasure of sharing the lives of Mingo, his lover, Francois, and their son, Ferric. ‘Fixated’ is book five in A.J. Llewellyn’s ‘Mingo McCloud’ series and I dearly love these books. They are funny, sexy, intriguing, provide a beautiful view of island life, and after four books these men are like members of my family. It’s been insanely hot and crazy watching them fall in love, rescue each other and, now, have a family of their own.

It was so adorable to watch Mingo and Francois, subtly and quietly, freak out because Ferric was going on a four day outdoor camp trip for school. It’s the first time they’ve been away from Ferric since he came to live with them seven months before and the big, strong guys have separation anxiety. Bad. *snorts* Of course, it’s reassuring to Mingo when Ferric expresses a little anxiety, too, worried that his dads might find life without him in the house for a few days so liberating they won’t want him back. Aaawwwww. It really is as sweet and heartbreaking of a scene as you can imagine.

One of the very best things about this installment was that the author gifted me with more glimpses into the family life Mingo, Francois, and Ferric have. Ferric still calls them both “Dad” and Mingo has really bonded with the mothers in Ferric’s class, they all take a Bikini Workout together at the gym, and their husbands all call Francois for security advice. Everything is just meshing so well and I love seeing my guys happy. Mingo got some work through Benny and it was exciting watching Francois and him crack the case.

I could have kept reading and reading about these men, their adventures and their family. Thank you, A.J., for taking me back to a place I find very peaceful. A wonderful addition to the series!

Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

Mingo McCloud, surely the sexiest and most lovable forensic accountant in existence, makes this fifth volume of the series as much fun to read as all the others. As usual, he sort of ‘falls into’ an adventure and if it weren’t for Francois, his gorgeous lover, things would be a lot less fun and definitely not half as hot.

But what makes this book special isn’t just the breathless sense of too many things happening at once or the deepening love between Mingo and Francois. What I liked about this one was the addition of Francois’s son, Ferric. The teenager has a lot to deal with, having been abandoned by his mother and trying to adapt to living with two dads, but he masters it all with humor and his own sense of what is right and wrong.

If you’re ready for another adventurous murder investigation, lots of mysterious events that all somehow hang together in the end and some very hot scenes between Mingo and Francois – this is a book you will like.


Portia, MM Good Book Reviews

AJ Llewellyn is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. I saw several of my male friends in so many of these characters. From the worry wort lover to the I-don’t-care-he-didn’t-call-oh-God-why-wont-he-call-lawyer. Loved it.