Diùra (Phantom Lover #11)

Kimo Wilder, Hawaii’s top hula dancer, kahuna (high priest) and Keeper of Secrets, is at war with his husband Lopaka over their toddler son. Baby Kimo shows all the signs of being a gifted healer himself and now the Huna Council wants him. On the day of their wedding in California, an emotional celebration of same sex marriage, the couple realizes they must present a united front. To celebrate their wedding in style and to keep their family intact, the Wilders travel to a remote Scottish castle on the ancient, volcanic island of Diùra…but this is no holiday idyll. Now at war with the Huna Council, Kimo and Lopaka discover long dormant family secrets and unseen forces determined to both help and destroy them…and send them to an undetermined fate in search of the truth.



Literary Nymphs: Rating: 4 Nymphs

Diùra is book eleven in the Phantom Lover series. In this installment, long buried family secrets are revealed and doubts rise to threaten their love and security. The focus is on the children and family life, but Kimo and Lopaka still find the time for intimate interludes. The marvelous A. J. Llewellyn introduces another layer of intrigue to the mystical family of Kimo and Lopaka combined with arousing love scenes that whips up the libido. I really enjoy reading this series and look forward to the next addition, The Cannibal King’s Husband. Reviewed by Chocolate Minx.



“I’m sorry.” Kimo made a move toward me.


He ignored me, putting his arms around me and I pushed him away.

“Get undressed and get on the bed.”


I glared at him.

Kimo’s gaze remained on my face as he started unbuttoning his shirt. I went into the bathroom, washed my hands and opened the box. I lifted out the gorgeous, beige colored gossamer wings. My husband was about to get fucked by one very angry angel. I stripped, slipped on the wings over each arm, smiling to myself because my cock was already getting hard.

There were combat boots in the box that completed my outfit. Yeah, this angry angel was about to give his very bad man one very happy workout.

He was lying on the bed waiting for me and he blinked as I stood in the doorway. He swallowed, his gaze fixed on my cock, which was straining toward him.


I stepped on the bed and placed one foot on his chest. “You will suck my cock now.”

Kimo grinned. “I love when you get bossy.”

“In this family, Kimo, you obey the wife. That means me. Do you understand?” His eyes glinted and his cock hardened as I moved my boot down to it, rubbing the head with a shiny boot tip.

“I understand.”

Playing with him a moment more, I knelt on either side of his chest, feeding him my cock which he started to suck, his eyes closed in apparent ecstasy. I took it away from him.


I grabbed the two leather ties I’d stashed under my armpit and tethered his hands to the bedposts.

He moved all over the place to get my cock back in his mouth, but I turned myself around, placing my ass right over his mouth. Kimo moaned, his hot tongue slurping at my ass. I didn’t think I was going to be able to stop myself from coming. The sounds of my man loving me drove me to a frenzy and I fell forward, coming off his face for a brief moment, which made him cry out in frustration.

 “Give it back to me,” Kimo hissed, but I was holding his cock now and I reached down, poking it at my ass hole, glancing back to see Kimo’s feverish gaze on his cock, swiftly disappearing into my ass. “Oh, fuck,” he moaned.  “Oh, Lopaka…you feel so good.” 

I bounced up and down on him and he screamed at me.

“Untie me, I need to touch you.”

“No.” I leaned forward, holding his feet in my hands, kissing the tops of them as slid into me even deeper.

Anything to do with his feet made Kimo go crazy. “Untie me. Now.

I shook my head, the sensation of having my husband’s massive eleven-inch cock buried in my ass coupled with our war of wills, making me feel high before either of us had even come. He kept trying to wrench himself free of his restraints and soon released one hand, sending the shattered bedpost across the room.

“Now, you little bitch. I need to teach you a lesson in ownership.”