Deeper Blue

Tracy Costantino accepts the task of tutoring Marjo, a troubled little girl whose father has rented a house in the remote but picturesque Greek island town of Molivos. But this is no Mediterranean paradise…something strange is going on…

In the shadow of the town’s fabled castle, events start badly with Tracy’s new boss, imperious music composer Benoit Seguin, who is furious to learn his daughter’s new tutor is a man, not a woman. Nevertheless, as an undeniable attraction builds between the two men, Tracy becomes convinced the Seguins’ house is haunted. Some say the ancient legend of the castle’s once-kidnapped princess is coming back to life. Is the threat to little Marjo spectral? Or if it’s real, who would want to abduct her?

Increasingly confused by his tumultuous relationship with Benoit, Tracy fights the urge to flee to the comfort of his life in New York and await the birth of his twin sister’s baby. He’s bonded with Marjo, however, and fears leaving her to the increasing danger from unseen, sinister forces swirling around her. And with Benoit shut away working most of the time, Tracy believes he is the only one who can protect the young girl.

Unwilling to leave, yet rejected by Benoit, Tracy needs to decide if this is what he’s been looking for…if this is his love, love of a different color…a deeper blue…


Five out Five Stars from Rainbow Reviews:

I am a big fan of A.J. Llewellyn’s books. I constantly browse his web site and publisher sites waiting for new books to show up. I guess I am a little spoiled as I always expect to love his books and characters from the very beginning. That was not the case with his latest release Deeper Blue.

The story centers on a young man who goes to Greece as a tutor for a little girl. He has many hopes for the upcoming trip ranging from getting over the heartache of a broken relationship to reconnecting with lost relatives. What he does not expect is to fall in love with both the little girl and her musician father.

The story centers on a young man who goes to Greece as a tutor for a little girl. He has many hopes for the upcoming trip ranging from getting over the heartache of a broken relationship to reconnecting with lost relatives. What he does not expect is to fall in love with both the little girl and her musician father.

As the story starts out it has all the little things I come to look for, there is the gorgeous young Tracy setting off on a new adventure, the hot sex scene in the airplane bathroom with ‘The Adonis’ in the next row, and a little misunderstanding when Tracy meets his new boss, and the other hero of the book, Benoit. This was when I started to worry. Benoit is very distant and cold to the point of at times being ugly. I kept wondering right along with Tracy how these two could have any basis for a relationship. What could Tracy, and for that case A.J. Llewellyn, be thinking. I kept reading hoping for something to happen and I am glad I did. As the story unfolds we see why Benoit behaves the way he does and soon understand why Tracy falls so hard and fast for both Benoit and his daughter.

There are also several secondary characters that help enrich Deeper Blue and make it such an excellent story. The twist at the end was not what I was expecting at all and I am sure other readers will be just as surprised as I was. Deeper Blue just goes to show that I should have never doubted one of my favorite authors in the first place.

– Reviewed by Lydia



…Tracy looked up and was startled to see his Adonis staring across the aisle at him. He was one row forward, in the aisle seat.

For a moment, Tracy wondered if he was imagining things. Maybe he was staring at Desi. He glanced beside him and saw she was sleeping, mouth agape, a touch of drool at the corner of her ruby-red lined lips. He stared back again, but the Adonis wasn’t looking. Okay, so he was imagining things.

Tracy reached for his laptop bag and was about to open it, only to look across the aisle once again. No, it wasn’t his imagination. The Adonis was looking at him. He was so surprised, he stared straight back. He was shocked when the Adonis made a point of glancing in the direction of the toilets and back at him again.

My God, Tracy thought. He’s cruising me!

This went on for a minute. Tracy glanced at Desi, whose face was now smashed into an airline cushion, making him think of one of Sharla’s titty huggers.

The Adonis left his seat and moved in the direction of the toilets. Tracy saw him waiting and watched as one of the cubicles opened up and, with a final glance in Tracy’s direction, he entered and closed the door.

Afraid of making a total fool of himself, Tracy unbuckled his seatbelt and advanced cautiously. He had no idea what furtive instinct propelled him forward because this was not his style at all, but something inside him screamed, “It’s now or never.” It had been a long time for him and the flesh was oh-so-willing. He approached the cubicle in question and took a deep breath when he saw that the illuminated latch indicated it was occupied. He reached out a hand and, man, he had trouble with it. He was not being discreet at all.

The Adonis had to help him open it from the other side. Amusement flitted across the man’s dark eyes as he reached in and pulled Tracy toward him. He laughed, a deep, wonderful laugh revealing a row of white teeth. For a moment, Tracy was mesmerized. He liked good teeth. The cubicle was cramped. Tracy squeezed into the small space and together, the two men managed to lock it. The Adonis grunted and tugged Tracy right to him, kissing him. The kisses were sweet until he cupped Tracy’s head, taking his breath away.

“I love the way you taste,” Tracy whispered into his mouth. He was dizzy from the other man’s touch as the Adonis let his fingers stroll across Tracy’s crotch, insistently rubbing the head of his cock through his jeans.

Oh great, I’m gonna have a nice wet spot soon. Tracy felt the stranger deftly flipping open his button-fly jeans, their gazes colliding as he slid down the jeans and Tracy’s boxer briefs to grant him access. He was so sexy, Tracy grasping to identify the scent of the Adonis’ skin. Figs. That’s how he smells. Just like fresh figs. He thrust Tracy against the door and half-kneeling, half-crouching, his mouth moving straight to Tracy’s cock.

Tracy was in shock that the Adonis had taken control. He fought the odd, chemical odor of the cubicle, more intense due to their combined body heat and the lack of space. He kept thinking of figs.

The stranger licked and sucked him with abandon. It inflamed Tracy, knowing people were right outside the door. An in-flight intercom announcement squawked from the wall.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the seatbelt sign. Please return to your seats now.”

Tracy panicked. He was so close and the Adonis knew what he was doing. He put extra pressure on the underside of Tracy’s cock with his tongue. They couldn’t stop now. The Adonis drew his mouth back and forth over the shaft. He gently held Tracy’s balls. Tracy looked down, enthralled that a complete stranger had complete control of him, even for this one moment…