Black Point

Rose and Matt’s scorching connection is hotter than either of their own erotic novels, but Matt is gay and Rose is a woman… isn’t she?


Black Point

Reviewed by Keely S for

Black Point is like a warm spring rain: sweetly refreshing and playfully enticing. This one starts off languid and comforting and picks up speed until it reaches frantic. That is not a bad thing. The pace helps set the overall tone and mood for each section of the story. I find myself wondering “why is there so much time being spent with this minor character” only to end up thinking “OH! Got it!” later down the line. Believe me, there are some good reasons for which Messers. Llewellyn and Manly keep you waiting. They do finally deliver in a big way.
As for the main characters: Matt is such a sweetie that it is a bit shocking to get to see his claws. It just makes me love him all the more as I display my wicked grin. Thomas is so experienced that seeing him headed for “basket case” makes me want to gobble him up.

Llewellyn and Manly deliver an escape worth visiting over and over again. It is so nice to see a collaboration where there are no obvious, jarring switches in writing style. Well done!

Just a little note for those seeking less adventurous fare: If you are offended by man on man carnal relationships; make a quick about face and forget you ever saw Black Point. I promise we will all pretend not to notice.

Rebecca Tibbetts-Tyrrell Rating: 5 Stars

How DJ Manly and AJ Llewellyn so precisely capture all that is human never ceases to amaze me. I don’t think I’ve laughed this genuinely in years. Of course, I had to jump up more than once to grab a tissue. Black Point has it all: Suspense? Yes. Humor? Dead on. Romance? Most divine! Separately, both authors excel in the art of characterization, but prove even better, when they come together! With two Master Storytellers weaving their craft like a giant pretzel…who needs theme parks? Black Point has a plot with just the right amount of twists; and don’t forget, a very generous sprinkling of good old-fashioned man sex. Black Point has everything you need for an afternoon pick-up. For those who prefer their romance with a lighthearted touch, Black Point is for you. Just don’t forget the tissue!

FIVE ANGELS and A RECOMMENDED READ from Fallen Angel Reviews

Black Point is so much fun to read. Poor Thomas, eager to come out to all of his readers not just as a gay man but as a man, period, is thrust into the closet by his editor. The anticipation of Thomas and Matt meeting kept me engaged and unable to put the book down until the last page, and even then I was disappointed it was over. The email and the excerpt’s of Matt’s and Thomas’ book lent a unique touch. Black Point is a fun, lighthearted novella that had me laughing out loud and hoping for that happy ending. A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly make a great team. I’m hoping this won’t be the last book they write together.

Black Point “Joyfully Recommended” by Joyfully Reviewed!!

Black Point is everything I hoped it would be and more. A. J. Llewellyn and D. J. Manly write about something that could be a page from one of their journals. They take a story that could happen in today’s society and make it come to life with their wonderfully magical words. This is a very real and with-the-times story that belongs on everyone’s keeper self.

Matt is heartbreakingly wonderful in his struggle to understand his feelings not only for someone he has never met, but for a woman. Thomas is just as heartbreaking as he deals with his secret and the fact that he has growing feelings for someone who might never know who he really is.Watching these two struggle and come to terms not only with themselves, but with each other made me want more and that is why I am Joyfully Recommending Black Point. I hope Mr. Llewellyn and Mr. Manly have plans for more collaboration, because this one was such a hit. I can’t wait to see what they can come up with next.

Reviewed by Jambrea.

Black Point 4.5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies

BLACK POINT is a refreshing read, just right for the end of the summer. The characters are full of hope and wanting, but realistic enough to know that not all dreams come true. Matt is a sweetheart, and when he displays his more aggressive side, it’s actually quite a turn on. Thomas, after all his years on the scene, is unsure of what to do, when he realizes the best thing to happen to him in a long time has been just a click away. But will he lose him before they’ve even met?

The collaboration between Messer’s Llewellyn and Manly is brilliant; their styles blend well together, and readers are able to pick up on the best of both authors in this splendidly written feel good story. Another great read from both men.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: jhayboy

Two Lips Reviews Rating: 4 lips

Black Point is a collaborative effort between A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly. Thomas is a well established author and he has a lot to lose by coming out and admitting to the world that he is gay. Yet, he is willing to do so because in the end, you are nothing if you are not true to yourself first. Matt is a fledgling author, but a strong person who knows who he is and what he wants out of life and isn’t afraid to after it. Hopefully, the truth will bring these two together and not tear them apart. I found Black Point a really good read as I was very drawn into Thomas’ plight. I felt very connected to Matt as well for his strength of character. I hope to see more collaborations between A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly in the future as this book was a great example of the wonderful stories they can create and I think, given the chance, they will grow to be an extraordinary team.

Reviewed by Tina.


Matt was on fire. So apparently was Thomas. They heard Cole and Ryan leaving.

“You want more kisses?” Matt asked him, a quarter inch from his face.

“No. I want what’s in your pants. And I want it right now.”

Matt took Thomas’s hand again. “Service elevator do you?” God, how exciting. He pressed some buttons and when it arrived, the two men scrambled in, Matt pressing every button he could as he fumbled with Thomas’s pants.

“I knew you’d have a nice, big cock,” Thomas’ sigh startled a worker with a trolley loaded with desserts as the elevator door mercifully closed.

Matt and Thomas felt the elevator jolt to a stop.

“I don’t know how long we have.”

“This is a mercy fuck. Medicinal purposes. I’m not letting you out of my sight until I get some man on man action on that beach you keep writing about.” Thomas’s hands were on Matt’s ass. They threw off their pants and once again, Matt pressed Thomas against the wall, this time, there was nothing separating them. It was skin on skin.

Thomas’s face flushed and Matt held him close. “Are you writing this in your mind?”


“Okay. You get this scene. I get the next one.”

“There’s going to be a next one?”

“Isn’t there?”

Thomas responded with a kiss. Matt pushed him to the elevator floor and tongued him from his belly button down to his cock, which twitched and throbbed under his touch. He kissed the cock head tenderly, already in love with it.

“Very sweet cock, Thomas.” He parted the other man’s thighs. “You saw Pillow Talk, in my mind this is what Rock did to Doris right after the closing credits.” He threw off Thomas’ shoes and glancing at him, kissed the tops of his feet, then began kissing the instep of each foot. Thomas was squirming underneath him as Matt picked up his legs, upending him and planting his hot, seeking tongue and lips right on Thomas’s ass hole.

He licked and sucked until Thomas panted, “I have a hard time picturing Rock doing this to Doris.”

“Can you picture him fucking her?”

“I can picture you fucking me. Please…Matt. We don’t have much time.”

“Impatient, aren’t we?”

“You’re driving me crazy. I need it now, Matt.”

And he got it. Matt felt sublime and terrified all at the same time. He’d dreamed it would be this way whenever he thought about Rose. He always saw her as a man. And what a man he was. He held Thomas’s cock in his rapidly moving hand, the two men exploding together in a hot, wildfire of an orgasm and Matt lay on him, panting.

“Welcome to Honolulu, baby.” He kissed Thomas’s ear. “Not bad for the first time.”