Black Point Surrendered (Black Point #4)

Matt and Thomas settled into blissful marriage until Thomas’ first love appears. Will their happiness, like their cherished Black Point house be another dream deferred?



Black Point SurrenderedFive out of Five Angels from Fallen Angel ReviewsMr. Llewellyn and Mr. Manly have continued their incredible series with this fast paced and emotionally driven story. The way the characters are written and how they interact with one another brings the story alive for the reader. Matt’s niece Daphne is everything that a child should be, rambunctious, loving, spontaneous, and into everything. I loved the part where Matt’s mother was given a Kindle, who wouldn’t want one, and talks about reading erotic m/m stories written my Matt and Thomas. The conversation couldn’t be any funnier as the family members find out more about their parents sex life than they ever wanted to know. The love between Thomas and Matt is shown as they go from heart break to ecstasy as they confront the secrets from Thomas’s past. This is one book that you will not want to miss!Reviewed by: Teresa


Matt sat up in bed the moment he heard the door open. “Thomas?” He jumped out of bed and tried not to run into the outer room. He intended to keep calm, be composed, show Thomas that none of this bothered him. Instead, he threw himself into his arms and held him tight.

“I don’t think I can breathe,” Thomas joked.

Matt released him. “Good,” he accused, half-seriously. “Where in hell have you been?”

“Fucking. An orgy actually.”

“Jokes, oh good.”

Thomas smiled at him. “Missed me eh?”

“Fuck you,” he pointed at him. “I’m pissed as hell at you. You missed the meeting and—”

“Pissed eh?” Thomas lifted an eyebrow, undoing his shirt. He met Matt’s gaze and threw off his shirt. “So how pissed are you?” He licked his lips.

Matt pointed a finger at him. “Sex is not going to save you this time.”

“It’s not?” He glanced down at his pants and began to slowly undo them.

Matt froze. He sputtered something.

Thomas smiled at him and lowered his pants down to his ankles. He kicked them away, along with his shoes and socks.

Matt watched as Thomas ran his fingers inside the waistband of his white briefs. His cock was folded upright, making a distinctive bulge under the material. One hand slid down into his underwear and fondled his cock, the other now moved up to smooth over his nipple. God, he looked so damn seductive. Matt was hard as rock. “Why do you do this?” he asked, his voice weak. “You’re driving me crazy?”

“You want me?” He pushed the underwear down to floor. “Matt? Do you want me?”

Matt nodded.

“Then come here and show me. Show me,” he insisted.

Matt eliminated the distance between them. He moaned softly as he felt Thomas cock in his hand. He fell to his knees and lowered his head, his lips caressing the silky skin of Thomas’ inner thigh. A few seconds later, his mouth found its way to the head of his cock. He sucked it into his mouth, hungrily swallowing as much of its length as possible. He grasped Thomas’ firm ass cheeks in his hands and opened his throat, massaging the length of Thomas’ shaft with his tongue. He didn’t realize that he was crying until Thomas came in his mouth and he backed away, felt the tears mingling with the come. Thomas was breathing hard, heading for the bedroom, calling out something like, “Oh Shit!”

A few minutes later, he called his name.

Matt rose from the floor and walked into the bedroom. He was wearing only a pair of pajama pants and he made short work of them, pulling them off just before crawling onto the bed.

“Come up here,” Thomas said.

Matt straddled Thomas’ hips.

“I want to fuck you,” he said. “Take me. Take my cock up your ass.”

Matt’s cock throbbed with life.

Thomas ran a hand over the length of his own cock and then reached under Matt and inserted a finger up inside of him. “I’m going to lube you with my come, get you all ready to ride my dick.”

Matt threw his head back and moaned, positioning himself to allow Matt’s finger to go deeper. “Um, fuck me with your finger like that. Oh God, Thomas, go, go on. Two…put two.”

His entire body trembled as Thomas invaded him with two fingers, moving them slowly in and out. “Ahh…yes…oh yes…baby, yes,” he cried, his tongue moving over his lips. “Cock now. I want your cock.”

Thomas removed his fingers and Matt took control. He seized Thomas’ cock in his hand and began to stroke it, running both hands from the shaft to the tip. “Your cock is so big, I love your cock,” he moaned. “Big and thick and fucking beautiful.”