Black Point Christmas (Black Point #5)

Book 5 in the Best-Selling M/M Series by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly.


5/5 from Night Owl Romance and A Reviewer Top Pick!

I enjoyed reading this installment of the Blackpoint books. So much, in fact, that I look forward to exploring the series further. I found both Matt and Thomas, as well as their various family members, very engaging and believable. The setting is nice too and makes me, at least, think of being right there. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Lilyraines


“Right now, I have my thoughts focused on one man.”

“Me, I hope,” Matt said.

“You’ll do for now.” The bed was covered in suitcases. Thomas pushed them onto the floor. He heard a sickening crash.

“Ruh-oh,” he said. He could smell it then. The perfume he’d bought Elise for Christmas. It would seep all over his clothing, but right now, he didn’t care. He wanted to fuck his husband. He fell on the bed with Matt.

Matt laughed as Thomas’ hand roamed his belly. He felt the peculiar but arousing quiver that Thomas’ touch always induced there. It was one of his erogenous zones.

“I love this room, but it needs something,” Matt said as Thomas peeled off his clothing.

Thomas paused. “Right now you want to discuss decorating? Baby, you are so gay!”

“I know,” Matt shrugged. “I can’t wait to make this place really ours.”

Thomas frowned. “It really is ours. We have mortgage payments to prove it.”

“No, I mean, I want paintings and bedding…things that reflect our personality and tastes.”

“Plenty of time for that. We’re going to be shooting a whole movie here in March, remember?”

Matt squirmed against Thomas’ intrusive hands. “I remember.”

 “What we don’t have time for is a long, luxurious fuck. This here is a medicinal fuck.”

Matt laughed. “Medicinal, huh?”

His laughter died when Thomas moved between his parted thighs and placed a warm kiss on each of his knees.

“We need to be quick. Can you handle that?” Thomas asked. He ran his hungry tongue over Matt’s body, lingering on his juicy cock.

“Oooh, yeah,” Matt hissed. His hand fumbled at Thomas’ button-fly jeans. He had difficulty getting Thomas’ cock out and once he did, his anxious hand gripped it. Hard.

Thomas felt his hormones go into overdrive. He nudged Matt’s legs apart, Matt’s knees pushing against Thomas’ arms as he entered him slowly. God, Matt always felt so hot and tight.

“It feels like you got bigger. I love how thick you are,” Matt moaned.

“I didn’t get bigger—we’ve just been waiting so long.”

Thomas loved to watch Matt’s face as he fucked him. He was a mixture of an excited virgin and a lusty, fucking whore all at the same time. Sometimes, Matt seemed to get bashful. It was so sweet…and then Thomas felt the moment when Matt wanted to get fucked so badly and Thomas had to give it to him. He felt Matt’s whole body pulling him in and he could fuck the man for days, just making him come over and over again.

They came together, a warm, noisy crescendo. They tried to be quiet, knowing there were others in the house, but their ardent cries filled the room. The ocean waves dashed against the rocks.

The ocean tide came with their shared eruption.

“I want to fuck you on those rocks,” Thomas said.

Matt’s eyes burned into his. “Any time.”

“We made a mess,” Thomas laughed.

“No, we didn’t. We made love.” Matt reached up and pulled Thomas’ head to his.