Beyond the Reef

Wannabe actor Tony Kaven’s career hasn’t just stalled. It’s in reverse, so he jumps at the chance of being a personal assistant to mercurial movie star Rufus Roscoe on location in Maui, Hawaii. Tony wants to do well, except that from the moment he arrives, everything goes wrong. Roscoe hates everything about him, even his shoes.

It looks like he’s about to get canned when a mysterious man named Frank shows up naked in Tony’s shower and tells him he is the man of his dreams. His true love.

Who is this guy? And how is that when Frank is around, everything has a way of going right? Tony finds that love means taking a leap of faith, but he finds more than that…it also means rolling with the punches, but leading with your heart.

After all the knocks Tony has suffered in his life, can he allow his heart to open up one more time for a guy with so many deep, dark secrets?


Nymph Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs reviewer: Chocolate Minx

This is a wonderful story of taking a leap of faith and trusting with your heart that everything will work out for the good. Tony is a good guy who lands in the middle of chaos and bad attitudes; he is immediately surrounded by a cast of characters with less than pristine sexual morals, including his mother, who has been the source of his unhappiness from an early age. All Tony wants is love, but before that can truly happen, he must learn to look inside himself and deal with the issues buried there. Frank is there to help Tony; to pave the way of discovering what is in his heart and because Frank loves Tony, the lessons=2 0Tony must learn is hard on Frank also. The brilliant A.J. Llewellyn has produced another incredible story that exhibits realistic characters, heart wrenching emotions, humor and very sensuous love scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent saga.

Night Owl Romance 4.75/5 reviewer top pick
By Angi

Mr. Llewellyn challenges the reader to have faith in love. He challenges you to have the faith to not know where you’re going, but going anyway. I found this work wonderfully full of all kinds of common issues people face when trying to find love. Sometimes you have to stop looking for it and just have faith that it’s there. Something that Mr. Llewellyn makes abundantly clear with this work. This is also extremely witty and well thought out and I found myself laughing out loud through most of the first couple of chapters. Then I found myself needing a fan and some ice water.
Tony and Frank find their way through the rain to find their rainbows. And you will too reading this fantastic work.

Romance Studio

Overall rating: 5 Hearts

Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Bryl Tyne

Beyond the Reef is a well-crafted fairytale erotic romance. I found myself encountering one riot after another, laughing one scene then crying the next. Surrounded by a cast of supporting characters that were the most diverse I’ve ever encountered, I empathized with Tony. He’s by far, the epitome of the average person, with a heart of gold. A.J. Llewellyn’s portrayal of Tony’s life experiences borders on tragic, but the culmination of events led Tony on a self-healing journey, which added a very realistic aspect. Llewellyn’s tales of Hawaiian mystique compelled me to keep reading, wanting badly to find out about Frank, Tony’s mysterious lover. Although this story contains numerous graphic bouts of m/m sex, they added to the meaning. I think this book is a sexy and fun read.

FIVE ANGELS by Fallen Angel Reviews

A.J. Llewellyn has once again infused Hawaiian lore into a contemporary story that brings the past and the present into an amazing story. Anthony is a very strong man who somehow refuses to give up in spite of every obstacle that life placed in his way. I love how the land of Hawaii is brought forth in such detail that is comes alive for the reader. All of the members of the cast and crew of the movie bring their own personal twist to the plot with frustration, laughter and friendship that makes the book that much more realistic. You can’t overlook Rufus and his co-star April with their overbearing, controlling personalities. The very spiritual atmosphere of Hawaii may have more in store for Anthony than he could ever realize, bringing him a peace he never expected. Thanks go to A.J. Llewellyn for another incredible story.

Reviewed by: Teresa

Beyond the Reef Joyfully Recommended by Joyfully Reviewed!

Beyond the Reef is bold, raw, sexy, and A.J. Llewellyn’s best book yet. He took the tortured Tony with all his insecurities and gave him just what he needed, a man to love. This story had raw hot sex, but it also had some wonderfully tender moments that made my heart ache for Tony. The ending was fabulous and had me ending the story on a happy sigh so I am Joyfully Recommending Beyond the Reef.

Reviewed by Jambrea.

Two Lips Reviews Rating: 5 lips A Recommended Read!

A. J. Llewellyn brings Hawaiian culture and lore together wonderfully in Beyond the Reef. This is one of the most beautiful love stories I have read in a long time. I loved learning about the culture and lore of the islands. Beyond the Reef really shows Llewellyn’s love of Hawaii. I loved the characters of Tony and Frank and the Legend of the Rainbow. My favorite line from the entire book is “I live where there are Rainbows.” I wish everyone could live there too. Read Beyond the Reef, you will get more than you ever thought out this romance novel!

Reviewed by Tina.


“I’d like to get down to some serious lovemaking, but so far you’re not exactly going along with the program. You don’t want much in a man, do you? Just total perfection. You prayed for me, Tony. Why can’t you accept the unseen, the invisible is as powerful as that which is visible?”

Was this a trick question? Had I somebody smoked some wacky tobaccy and not even known it? I didn’t even know how to respond to this guy, but he was brushing at some imaginary thing on his powerful, muscular, naked thigh and I jerked my mind back to the issue at hand.

Just how did this guy get in my shower?

“You spoke to the ancients. They do…occasionally listen, you know.” He smiled, enjoying some private joke. Were there hidden cameras in this joint? Were the cast and crew of Lava Mama having a whole heap of fun at my expense?

 As I scanned the walls and ceiling for hardware, he sighed.

“You have three choices, Tony. Get on the internet and find nothing. Go next door and keep getting insulted for being chubby, or get royally fucked right now. By me. I’m very good at it. You…made me that way.”

I felt faint. “I…made you that way?”

He looked at me blankly. “Didn’t you pray for me on Haleakala?”

I gaped at him, a lump forming in my throat. In my whole life, I’d never had a single prayer answered. Was this real? Or was there some cruel prank at play here?

“Pranks are for kids.” The naked man’s fingers were at the waistband of my jeans. “And I’m not a kid.” There was sexual fire and something else between us…I was too confused to say exactly what. “I really want you. Tony, I…” Our eyes connected as his skin met mine. I hadn’t had another man touch me in so long I was ready to leap out of my own body.

We attacked each other’s mouths. The stranger’s kisses were long, deep and very intense. We held onto each other, our cocks hardening and then his fingers were unbuttoning my pants. He got to his knees, and I held my stomach in, hoping my not-so-washboard tummy wouldn’t put him off in any way. I was so self conscious, but the delicious hottie in my kitchen was intent on my cock. At first he just felt it, touching it, as if with astonishment, dropping kisses here and there. I looked down, helpless with a mixture of lust and surprise. He kept stroking it, telling me how beautiful it was and I felt nothing but a fresh surge of desire seeing a beautiful guy drooling over my cock.

“I can’t wait anymore,” he muttered. “I have to taste you.” He took the head of my cock into his mouth and I let out a scream.


He took his mouth off me again.


He picked me up and carried me, taking me to the living room, depositing me on the floor in front of the fireplace. He took his time taking everything off me and I couldn’t keep my eyes off that rigid cock, those hands or that mouth. He kissed me everywhere, letting his fingers run over my body, and I found myself thinking, thank God I use body lotion. It was like a religion with me.

His fingers teased my nipples, my balls, my cock, my toes, my lips, my cock…on and on, back and forth. I jokingly thought to myself, he missed a spot over my left elbow, and suddenly his mouth was there. He lowered himself onto my body and we felt each other naked for the first time.