Beguiled (Phantom Lover #7)

A Kimo and Lopaka Haunted Hawaiian Halloween tale.The dynamic duo travel back in time to the year 1920 to deal with a Japanese ghost who is haunting the ancient Kahuna Village…


Beguiled Four Nymphs by Literary Nymphs

Beguiled is a Halloween adventure with the Phantom Lover series family. Kimo is a powerful high priest whose magic protects and heals people and his man-wife Lopaka is gifted with a loving heart that radiates onto others, helping to lift them out of their mental despair. Once again the exceptional A.J. Llewellyn highlights Hawaii’s history of the first Japanese residents and a peek at their traditions. Anyone who enjoys cultural history will enjoy this episode and find that the entire Phantom Lover series is an incredible sensuous journey.

Reviewer: Chocolate Minx.

Beguiled: A Five Angel Recommended Read by Fallen Angel Reviews

Mr. Llewellyn has once again merged Hawaiian traditions with modern society and added Japanese beliefs into an action packed story with heart and enough heat to fulfill everyone’s wishes. It is fascinating to watch Kimo as he uses his spiritual powers to protect the ones he loves; and for the enjoyment of his children. You would never expect someone as powerful as Kimo to be at the beck and call of his children and it is fun to watch it unfold. The love between Kimo and Lopaka is once again put to the test, but they never fail to support and love each other in times of crises. I can’t wait to read more stories about Lopaka, Kimo and their entire family as they experience love, laughter, and most importantly family. Thanks go to Mr. Llewellyn for another inspiring story.Reviewed

by: Teresa


Watching my husband’s wonderful face when he talked was my singular obsession in life.
“What?” His voice was gentle, his smile knowing.

I shook my head and he caught my wrist in one of his big hands. “You want your husband to fuck you. Is that it?”

“Oh, Kimo…” I had no idea where our boundless need for one another came from. I had no idea whether right now it was psychological or physical or emotional. Our passionate, early morning romp on the sea grass matted flooring of our bedroom at the Kahuna Village seemed like a long time ago now. I needed him, I wanted him. He pulled me toward him, onto his lap, his scalding tongue roaming over my face and neck. He wanted me, too.

After a couple of minutes, with the sound of Jamie’s chanting and the merry chatter of forest birds drowning our soft moans, Kimo lifted me up and put me on the ground on my back. Pulling down my pants so that they dangled from one leg, his face reflected our mutual urgency and he knelt between my open legs, moving down to my cock and waiting ass. After giving me some long, lavish licks, his tongue stirred up so much heat in my ass that I drenched in sweat and panting heavily. It was as if I had a raging fever. He was hungry for the main course and my fingers shook at the buttons of his Levis, anxious to feed him. Neither of us cared any longer who caught us. We were two married men having consensual sex and my husband’s liberated cock sprang out, jutting straight for my ass.

“I need to be in you, Lopaka.”

His mouth sought out mine again and I tasted myself on his tongue, our souls…our bodies…rejoicing at this trial by fire. I almost screamed when he entered me. My legs spread to give him easier access to me. I was completely open to him and his gaze turned possessive and proud as he gave himself to me fully.

I reached up to take Kimo’s face into my hands and his eyes closed as he thrust himself into me. I felt him enter my thoughts and I knew his joy that only he could make me feel like this. He knew I was as hungry for his release, hungrier even than I was for my own.

“Come with me, darling, come with me, my Lopaka.” Kimo’s hand curled over my rigid cock and I held him tighter, and though he had never, ever taken his cock from me for any reason, I always held onto his ass in our final moments of coming for fear that he would.

“You always put me exactly where you need me.” His voice at my ear sent my orgasm spiraling, a shimmering that consumed us both as we came together. Our pounding hearts beat like the obake’s drums and Kimo laughed, licking up a trail of sweat at my neck.

“You are one hot fuck, my beautiful man wife.”

I laughed. “You’re not so bad yourself.”