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Things That Aren’t There Anymore…

  Current mood:  fascinated Category: Life It’s my turn to blog at Nice N Naughty today and here is what I wrote: Things aren’t what they used to be…or where they used to be. I took a drive up to my favorite California country town Ojai on Sunday and this is a place I know so […]

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The ‘Awa

Current mood:  giddy Category: Life Anyone who reads my books will tell you about my painstaking attention to detail since my stories are all set in the Hawaiian Islands. I like to introduce ancient lore as well as current places for couples to eat, drink and be er…merry (I am including the hot sex here). Anyway, […]

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Andi Brown

Current mood:  ecstatic Category: Pets and Animals It’s my turn to bloog at Seven Wicked Writers today…this is what I posted: The photo above is of the wonderful Andi Brown. I have never met Andi and she has never met me but she saved my dog’s life and for that I need to talk about her […]

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Mele Kalikimaka

Current mood: happy Category: Life It was my turn to blog at The Many Shades of Life and Love today. Here is what I posted: It is my happy task to be blogging today, Christmas, which just happens to be my most favorite day of the year. I pine its passing each year like the […]

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Someone Else’s Family

Current mood: contemplative Category: Life                        On Monday morning, Don Yun Yoon, a Korean immigrant to the United States, left his home in San Diego to go to work. Inside his house were his beautiful wife Young Mi, his 15-month-old daughter Grace, his two-month-old daughter Rachel and his visiting mother in law Suk Im […]

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