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It’s my turn to blog at Nice N Naughty today and here is what I wrote:
Things aren’t what they used to be…or where they used to be. I took a drive up to my favorite California country town Ojai on Sunday and this is a place I know so well it shocked me how many long-established places were gone. Yes, we can chalk it up to the economic crisis but I am sick of my favorite stores and even my favorite foods disappearing.
I mean, can we really blame the economy for the Four N Twenty pie shop no longer baking Cappuccino Pie? What about the demise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cereal? Magic Middles cookies? Coconut Lifesavers?
In no particular order, here are some things I miss. As you read it, think about what you miss – I’d like to know!

Ben Frank’s diner on Sunset
Wacko, Wanna Buy a Watch?, The Last Wound Up, Condomania and Soap Plant – funkarama stores on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles
Heavy Rotation, Aaron’s Music, Rhino Records, Penny Lane, Tower, Wherehouse music stores – Los AngelesLiberty House – Hawaii and Los Angeles
Tower Records – flagship store on Sunset
Crown Books – multiple locations, California
Old World restaurant – Sunset
Red Onion chain of Mexican restaurants, CA
Bookutopia, Duttons Books – Studio City/North Hollywood, CA
Buffums department store – Los Angeles
Leyda’s Bakery – Sherman Oaks
Bao Wow – best Chinese food in Beverly Hills
Adray’s electronics – Wilshire Bl Los Angeles
Wheeler Hot Springs, Local Hero Bookshop and Tottenham Court Tea Room and Gift Shop – Ojai and Studio City, CA
Larry Parker’s 24 Hour Diner – Beverly Hills
Duke’s restaurant – from its original rock ‘n’ roll location at the Tropicana Motel, Hollywood
Bullock’s Wilshire – Miracle Mile district Los Angeles
The Brown Derby – Vine Street and its late, lamented reincarnation in Los Feliz
Schwab’s Drugstore on Sunset
Drakes – RIP
Spago on Sunset
Butterfield’s restaurant on Sunset
The Source on Sunset
Angelina’s ass-kickin’ soul food on Sepulveda
Mecca – equally ass-kickin’ soul food in Chelsea, NYC
25 cents an hour metered parking in Studio City, CA
Los Angeles Theater Center – downtown LA
Crissy Dolls – remember those grow hair dolls from the 1970s. I made the terrible mistake of giving my cousin’s entire collection of Crissy dolls haircuts! What can I say? I was a bored and naughty boy. I thought the hair would grow back! Duh!
I still feel guilty and I’d like to replace them all for her…

So what about you? What do you miss?

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