Excerpt – Tall, Mean and Darkly*

“Stop reading my mind!” I shouted as I jumped so hard in fright I took a stumbling step back.

My feet got tangled in a throw rug and I almost fell on my ass, only Jackson reaching out to grab my arm saved me. As he steadied me I could not help but feel the warmth of his touch through the thin material of my T-shirt. His hand was large, tan, the fingers long. Sensual images of what those hands could do to my body flashed through my head and I wondered if maybe just reading minds was his only talent. Maybe he was forcing those thoughts into my conscious.

“No, I can’t make you want something, those desires are all yours.” Still keeping his hand on me, he stepped closer so we were mere inches apart.

I really should have stepped back, pulled away, demanded he leave and never come back. I did none of those things. Instead I found my feet moving forward so those inches of separation became centimeters. Jackson was taller than me so I had to tilt my head slightly to look up into his eyes. It was new position for me to be in, but it was far from unpleasant.  A sigh whispered past his lips, his breath smelling like he’d tasted—sweet, warm and decadent.

“If I kiss you will you run away again?” he quizzed, his voice full of the same need I was experiencing.

“I should,” I whispered as my body swayed even more into him.

“You really don’t want to.” His rigid cock was pressing against me, only the thin barriers of our clothes separating us.

“I still could,” I argued even as the urge to rub against his hard dick was almost irresistible.

“You won’t though.” Somehow he’d managed to slide his arms around my waist without me noticing. It felt so good, since it had been so damn long since I’d been held.

“Why not?”

“Because you want this as much as I do.” He reached down and cupped me through my pants. “Cocks don’t lie.”

A gasp slipped past my parted lips, but it soon turned into a groan and he gave my shaft a gentle squeeze. “No, I don’t think I’ll be running away this time,” I panted right before he kissed me.

As sappy as it sounds, I felt like I had come home. His embrace, his touch, everything about Jackson seemed so right. Finally giving in, I plunged my hands through his dark hair and started to return the passion in earnest. Taking gentle nips of my lips, he teased me before sliding inside my mouth. I thrust my tongue out to meet his as he continued to rub my cock.

“I’ve missed this so much,” he moaned as he popped open the top button on my pants.

The only sounds filling the air was our heavy breathing, moans and the rasping noise as Jackson lowered the zipper of my pants. Reaching inside he pulled my cock out and started to slowly stroke it. Was I going to run away?