Excerpt – Quartetto*

It was dusk when they arrived and out of breath, she removed her shoes at the bottom of the stairs and raced Philippe-Auguste to the top. She ran to the bedroom and threw herself on the bed. He covered her body with his. She could feel her lover’s hard erection straining against her, even through her clothes.

They stared at each other. “I am so proud of my woman,” he whispered.

“Show me how proud you are.” She still held her coins in one hand and her shoe straps in the other and let everything clatter to the floor.

He smiled and she enjoyed the spark of lust in his eyes.

He gazed down at her, resting on one elbow. He drew back and knelt on his haunches. His hands moved over her body, caressing the low décolletage and he kissed the rise of her womanly breasts as his hands slid her full skirts of cotton and silk up her thighs and she felt the cool rush of air as he detached the laces holding her sleeves to her chemise. He slid her silk and lace pantaloons down her thighs.

“Oh, Caprice.” His gaze implored her to open her legs and she held her breath as he kissed her mound and quickly buried his face between her hot thighs.

“I waited so long for this,” he murmured, his tongue reaching into her musky depths.

She stroked his long gray hair, feeling his mouth suckling at her, one hand moving back to her breasts, the other underneath her ass. She felt him drawing her closer, his skin bristling against her tender inner thigh. Her legs opened further and she held his head close, feeling her orgasm closing in on her. His fingers grasped a nipple over the top of her bodice. She felt the jolts of pleasure as his tongue and lips latched onto her clitoris and sucked her. She felt her release engulf her like a wave of fire. Red and white flames seemed to ignite across her brain and she opened her eyes to find herself holding his head to her so tightly she was surprised Philippe-Auguste could even breathe. She let go of him and his wet lips came off her, a smirk of satisfaction invading his handsome face.

“I can’t believe you two,” said a voice from the doorway.

Philippe-Auguste laughed. “Our beautiful little artist just scored her first big commission, Marcello. I do believe she wants to celebrate.”

“Well, in that case, who am I to interrupt the festivities?”

Marcello raced toward them, stripping fast. Philippe-Auguste’s gaze fell on the prize between Marcello’s thighs. “Get me ready for her,” Marcello grunted and Philippe-Auguste lost no time absorbing his man’s hardening shaft in his hot and hungry mouth.

“Where is Massimo?” Caprice wondered aloud.

Marcello chided, “How many men does it require to quench your lovely thirst?”

“Two will do…for now.”