Excerpt – Devil Night*

Tem moved over to check out the latest gay porn DVDs whilst Kaipo unashamedly checked out my man.

“Anyone using the glory hole right now?” I asked Kaipo.


 “You want to suck his cock?”

Kaipo stared at me.

“Turn off the security cameras. I don’t want this recorded. I’ll get him in the booth and you put your lips to the hole and you can blow my baby.”

He opened and closed his mouth and I almost changed my mind.

“There are three of us here,” he said, the cheeky bastard. “We’d all love to blow him.”

“Okay.” I shrugged. After all it was Tem’s birthday. It was also our big Halloween night and I was giving him a few tricks with his treats.

I walked over to Tem and put my hand on his crotch. He bulged pretty hard in his tight leather pants and for a second, I wondered if I could go through with it, but then I became turned on at the thought of three guys, two of them total strangers, blowing my hot, hung husband.

Tem grinned and showed me the DVD in his hand. “Want to buy this one, Div?”

“I want you put that down and come with me.”

His gaze moved down to his cock. My fingers were massaging the beautiful head through the buttery-soft leather of his hand-stitched pants. I loved knowing that underneath, he was waxed hair-free, by me, and that his balls and cock were enclosed in a tight gold cock ring.

Tem’s gaze turned lusty. “You are being such a bad boy, Divine Thunder.”

“Not as bad as you’re going to be, you beautiful slut.” I took his hand and as we passed through the door that led to the stall containing the glory hole, I was aware of Kaipo running to the other side of it.

I kissed Tem as I closed the door and took down his pants. The room was dark, for all those dirty deeds, you know. He was commando, the way I liked, his huge cock hard and looking for a good time. I kissed him and pointed to the glory hole. As we looked over a mouth appeared in the carved out round hole.

Tem gasped.

“There are three men on the other side ready to blow you. Have fun, baby.”

His feverish eyes registered shock as well as desire. I’m a vampire, I see best in the dark and I saw his excitement as well a tremor of apprehension.

“I can’t do that, Div. We have a covenant between us.”

“But I’m allowing you to do this. Our covenant remains unbroken. None of them can fuck you. Your ass is mine. But Kaipo there is screaming for your cock. Tem, I am right here and I love you.”

Kaipo’s anxious tongue kept up a lapping motion through the hole as we discussed this.

 “Are you sure?”

“One time only deal, baby. Snooze, you lose.”

“I fucking love you, Div.” Tem shuffled over there as fast as his leather pants pooled at his knees would allow.

 Soft, gurgling moans came from Kaipo’s throat as he took my baby’s massive wang into his mouth. They’ve all seen his movies, they’ve salivated over his enormous tool, but none of them quite believe how big it really is. In his porn star days he was a hot and heavy bottom, highly sought-after because of that big dick.

Kaipo gagged for a moment and I watched Tem ease back to give his guy a chance to get used to his size. Tem braced his hands against the wall of the cubicle and I watched him find a hot new groove with the mouth that sucked him so well. Tem’s head went back as his cock disappeared between the guy’s hungry lips. He was giving him a decent workout now and I watched my husband’s body slam against the glory hole, the cock ring glinting in the dark.