Excerpt – Blue Moon*

I gave him my best, sad-dog look. “But, baby, it’s Christmas and how much trouble can it get into soaking in milk and cognac? Can’t we have a little fun first?”

“Oh, we’re going to have fun. We gotta peel the potatoes, pick up the lobsters…what are you doing?”

He laughed as I pushed him back against the bed, got between his lovely legs and lay on top of him, covering his face with kisses. Kiki jumped off the bed. I could hear her tearing into something and hoped it wasn’t important. Pono returned my heartfelt kisses as I reached his mouth. I told him I loved him over and over again andfelt him becoming arousedI loved how hard he got just from kisses and of course, I was excited, too. I let my cock roam around his hard, muscular thighs, heard the breath catch in his throat. I let it run across his belly and his body started to writhe underneath me. Our cocks strained for each other and I held them together, stroking them off in my hand as I reached out and kissed him again.

“Oh God, baby, fuck me,” he urged.

I had other ideas. As soon as our leaking cocks got all slicked up, I begged Pono to fuck me. I saw the flicker of surprise in his black eyes, felt the hard leap of his cock as I climbed up and straddled him. He reached under me to stick his massive shaft into me. We both cried out as I moved up and down, his hand wrapped around my cock as I concentrated on not letting his come out of me. I loved the feeling of him inside me. I’d never been much into being fucked until I was with Pono. Now I craved him, constantly. He had a big smile on his handsome face and as I rode his body, I felt his heart already pounding. I loved how eager he was for me. He pounded into me and I rode him slowly and felt him all the way in me. I felt his cock tensing with the need for release. I twitched inside me. It excited me, feeling his pleasure. It only increased my desire to give him more. I was really bouncing now.

“I want you to come inside me, baby. I want that hot white come in me,” I shouted and we exploded together. In my head, the whale gave its call and I realized it was part of my soul, it was a mating call.

Pono licked my come from his fingers, feeding me some.

“You taste of pineapples,” he said.