Excerpt – Blood Eclipse 3: City of Blood*

Bellis had a spacious apartment with an uncomfortable modern sofa and huge, black and white photos of naked vampires mounted across the walls. The only splash of color was the blood decorating the sexy men’s teeth.

“Is that you?” Rory eyed a picture of a skinny male vamp with long, black hair and kohl rimming his eyes. His mouth, pulled open in either a scream or a yawn, revealed two beautiful, elongated canine teeth, the tips bloodied.

“My modeling days.” Bellis slipped his arms around him.

Rory felt a shimmer of pleasure as Bellis’ mouth roamed his throat. “I’ve never seen your vampire teeth.”

Bellis chuckled. “If you see them, run. It means I’m about to feed on you, turn you. Are you ready for that?”

Rory gave him a frank look. “No, I’m not.”

“You ready for this?” Bellis’ hand moved to Rory’s cock, which stiffened at the vampire’s touch.

“Oh, I think so.”

The two men smiled, their mouths meeting in a kiss. Arousal had brought out Bellis’ killer teeth, in spite of his words. Rory allowed his tongue to flicker over them. It was thrilling and frightening at the same time. Carden had a lot more control. Oh man, stop thinking about him.

As they broke off their kiss, Bellis’ teeth receded and Rory almost convinced himself he’d imagined seeing and feeling them. Bellis undressed him, took him to his bedroom and underneath a picture of two men sucking each other’s cocks, he and Bellis slipped into a fast and frantic sixty-nine.

Bellis came easily, but Rory’s head punished him. He kept thinking about Carden, in spite of his best efforts. Bellis frowned when Rory didn’t come. He slipped around so he was between Rory’s thighs. He stroked on Rory’s cock for a moment and licked the tip. Rory watched him, enthralled and soon, Bellis worked up a good pace. Rory felt himself responding to the pressure of the vampire’s hand. Bellis shifted Rory’s ass so his hole was right at Bellis’ mouth.

Oh man, he is so good at this. Rory felt himself sinking into pleasure. He got off on watching Bellis lick him, but the sensations were too strong. Rory came with a cry, Bellis sucking his ass, jerking on his cock and stroking his belly in rhythmic circles. It felt like a rocket went off in his head.

He came over and over again, Bellis not relinquishing his hold on Rory’s cock until he was satisfied  he’d fulfilled Rory’s carnal desires. Bellis was handsome and sexy…uncomplicated. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.

Damn it, I am so weak


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