Excerpt – Blood Eclipse 2: Rapture*

He reached out and unbelted Carden’s robe. It fell open, revealing Carden’s hard, muscular body, along with a serious erection. Rory stood there, looking at him for a minute, a heady lust steering him in a direction that was absent of all sanity. “I want you,” Rory breathed. “Don’t turn me away.”

Carden reached out and touched his cheek, smiling at him rather tenderly.

Rory moved his head and captured his fingers with his lips.

 “And the fear that I may hurt you? What have you done with it? I don’t feel it anymore.”

“It’s been swallowed up by something else,” he replied, grabbing Carden’s hand and placing it on his chest. “Touch me. Carden, make me yours tonight.”

Carden didn’t say anything, he just reached down and effortlessly lifted him up into his arms, holding him close to his chest.

Rory’s head fell back as Carden’s lips touched his throat. He laid Rory on the bed and stood looking down at him for a moment. He lifted the cross that Rory wore around in neck with his finger and then let it fall back again. Rory could have sworn he saw something glowing in those dark eyes.

“God and all that’s in heaven, help me, Rory,” he groaned, “but tonight, I want to give you everything.”

Rory reached for him. “Yes,” he urged, “yes.”

Carden crawled onto the bed, straddling Rory’s hips with his knees. His long hair fell down over his face, his erection moved over Rory’s, sending shivers up Rory’s spine. Carden looked down into his eyes and kissed his forehead, his eyes and his lips, his tongue sliding into his mouth, slow dancing with his.

The kiss was erotic, purposeful, and Rory moaned, raking his nails down Carden’s chest. Carden’s mouth left his, his tongue trailing down Rory’s throat to his chest, moving around his nipple then continuing on down to his stomach.

Rory whimpered, reached out to touch his hair, so soft, it felt like silk.

Carden raised his head. “Easy,” he said. His tongue slowly inched to the base of Rory’s cock. Lips lightly touched the shaft and trailed down to the head as a hand cupped his balls at the same time, gently fondling him.

Suddenly both Carden’s hands moved under him and lifted his buttocks off the bed. Rory’s head went back and he gasped as he was lifted in the air and Carden’s mouth captured his cock. One hand moved along his spine and held him prone in the air as his ass was separated and Carden’s fingers moved up inside him. The head of his cock was  deep in Carden’s throat, being massaged by his muscles, and somehow his balls were being suckled at the same time.

Rory started to buck, fucking Carden’s throat as Carden’s fingers began fucking his ass at the same time. “Oh…mother…of….Jesus…please…mercy…oh… ohhhhhh ….Godddddddd!” He forgot that he was in midair, his arms flailing out at the sides. In fact, now he was floating on air and Carden’s free hand was moving over his chest and rock hard nipples. His legs were wide open, his head dropping back, and he was coming in Carden’s velvet throat.