Twelve Thirty is OUT TODAY!!!

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Twelve Thirty, one of my favorite books published at Amber Quill Press several years ago is now available again! Many thanks to the amazing Cate Ashwood Designs for the absolutely gorgeous cover!

Australian-born Montago Melon, “Tago” to all those who know him, has lived in a fantasy world since he was a kid. His heart is in Hollywood, and his family constantly accuse him of “California Dreamin’.” When his grandma dies and leaves him money, and his long-last aunt reaches out to him from California to offer him a job, he jumps at the chance of a new life, swimming pools, and movie stars. He soon learns, however, that some dreams come with a nasty aftertaste.

Byrne McCallum is California born and bred. Working for the dynamic Ondine Bartholomew in a hot new Hollywood set-salvaging company, he becomes immediately intrigued by Ondine’s latest employee, her naïve but super-smart nephew Tago.

Bad things happen to Tago the moment he lands at LAX, but Byrne plans to change the guy’s run of luck. He hasn’t felt this way about a man in a long time. Can they make a go of things? And better still, can they have a happy Hollywood ending?

Author’s Note: This previously published book has been updated, expanded and re-edited!

Captured, Mingo McCloud, #8 Now Available on Amazon!!!

Available TODAY on Amazon!! 

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Somebody wants Mingo McCloud, Honolulu’s hottest forensic accountant dead. But who? And why?

It’s only been a few months since Mingo married Francois, the love of his life, but things are going haywire. Fast.

Shenice, birth mother of their beloved son, Ferric, demands to meet Mingo saying Ferric is in danger being raised by two gay men. Then the unthinkable happens. Mingo is kidnapped and has to fight for his life, and soon, he learns, he has to fight for everything important in his life.

Why has Shenice turned on them? And does this have anything to do with a missing spy who once loved Francois? A man Mingo never even knew about? And why does somebody keep coming after Mingo?

For Francois, long-held secrets may unravel everything he and Mingo have worked so hard to build. Can the past stay where it is? Dead and buried? Or will it keep raising its ugly head until Mingo is captured for good.


It’s Christmas Eve on Santa Claus Lane!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

I have a spanky-new release (actually a re-release of a book previously published by MLR Press. But since they didn’t pay their authors a dime in royalties I see it as a new release!

Out Now on Amazon!

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Can a lost love ever find its way home again?

Rudy Keller’s always felt like a bit of a misfit. Growing up, he felt different from everyone around him. Somehow, every toy he was given at Christmas was either missing parts or just didn’t work. As an adult, he’s taken a weird pleasure in collecting toy farm animals that are broken, especially reindeer called Rudolph. Meeting Boris, his Finnish boyfriend and one of the few vets in the town of Kemi, Rudy feels like an outsider all over again in the tiny, freezing town close to the Arctic Circle.

Somehow though, he and Boris fit perfectly and now that gay marriage is legal in Finland, Rudy’s keen to tie the knot. But now, after a decade of waiting, Boris is balking at the idea. In fact, he ends his relationship with Rudy, who flies home to Santa Claus Lane, a tiny eccentric neighborhood in Santa Barbara, California. He seeks comfort from his family and the familiarity of his idyllic enclave, which is actually only a street. But everything’s changed and Rudy’s in for one shock after another. Can his anguished heart reclaim what he’s lost, and what is his, on Santa Claus Lane?


Christmas in Byron Bay is finally available! If you didn’t pre-order your copy here are two purchase links:

exstasy books:

Flynn Hudson’s chance for fast cash and Christmas in Australia quickly becomes an expensive nightmare.

Instagram Micro-influencer Flynn Hudson loves the idea of launching a revolutionary new convertible SUV in Australia. Then he learns he’s supposed to spend two weeks in the celebrity-drenched Byron Bay. Flynn grew up one town over in Mullumbimby. Twenty years ago, Flynn’s whole family left town in disgrace. When he discovers his boss and traveling companion is reality star and major loudmouth Jimmy Raynes, he frets that Jimmy will find out his secret and blab it all over the Internet.

Can Flynn redeem his family’s terrible reputation? Can he boost his influencer ranking and sell the biggest thing he’s ever been asked to handle? Or will he wind up being run out of town a second time?

Jimmy Raynes is fixated with the idea of having cool, sexy Flynn Hudson return to his roots in Australia to help him sell his hot new SUV. Jimmy’s loved him from afar since discovering his Instagram two years ago. Jimmy’s convinced Flynn’s the only guy who can get his crazy new toy into some hot celebrity hands. Jimmy has a lot er, riding on this deal. But it’s not just sales he wants from Flynn. Oh no, Jimmy wants so much more.


I am super-excited to announce my new anthology ISLAND FEVER, featuring a gorgeous cover by Alexandria Corza and intriguing new mysteries by me and 10 other authors is available now! The ebook is live on Amazon today, paperback is coming soon. This has been a labor of love for me, Patricia Logan, Katharine Nohr, Lizbeth Hartz, Rose Tigarden, Josephine Valent – Author, Rosemary Mild (and her husband Larry), Alain Gunn, J. M. Calverley and Steve Novak.
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The islands of Hawaii have long held visitors of all kinds in its thrall. When Spanish explorer Juan Gaetano stepped on their mystical shores in 1555, he knew there was something magical, yet tragically delicate about the islands and their people. He altered maps upon his return to Spain, hoping to keep Hawaii a secret from future voyagers. 200 years later, British sea captain, James Cook found the maps and set off on his legendary voyage of discovery in 1778.. Despite his best efforts to keep his sickly crew on board, they swam ashore and introduced disease to the islanders. From that point, Hawaii battled numerous fevers, all devastating to the Hawaiian population. Even now, modern disease threatens the way of life in the islands. What happens elsewhere in the world, happens in Hawaii.With catastrophic results. In Island Fever, eleven Hawaiian authors explore the many fevers that have ravaged the islands. From smallpox to COVID, from love to murder, Hawaiian life is explored as only these storytellers can describe it. Come, explore intriguing new tales from these great writers: AJ Llewellyn, AK Gunn, JM Calverley, Josephine Valent, Katharine M. Nohr, Lizbeth Hartz, Patricia Logan, Rosemary and Larry Mild, Rose Tigarden,and Steve Novak.


Na Hiku, Phantom Lover #13 Available NOW!


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I’m pleased to announce the re-release of my book NA HIKU, book #13 in my Phantom Lover series. Three more to go in this original series, then I will write some new stories and re-release the spin-off series, Children of the Rainbow.
This is bittersweet for me because I’ve loved the new covers  Karrie Jax did for me. She’s done a lot of work for me and just gets me…but alas she has retired. As I was re-reading Na Hiku I fell in love with my lead characters Kimo and Lopaka all over again. I love these guys…in this volume, they are on the run from the Huna Council. Murder! Mayhem! Magic!
Na Hiku…Hawaiian for The Seven…Kahuna and Keeper of Secrets, Kimo Wilder, and his husband, Lopaka, have finally found the Seven Women that Goddess Pele has deemed necessary to protect the fate of their three small children. They have also found the long-lost leader of the Kahuna Council, Lopaka’s own father, Paden, a man who has given up his family for a cannibal king in the South Seas.

Relying on Paden, a man with many secrets, fills Lopaka with terror. His father abandoned him and his twin sister, Maluhia, when they were infants. Will he stick around long enough to petition on their behalf, or will sinister forces prevent him doing so?




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Orgasmic Texas Dawn, my M/M, US Marshal series co-authored with D.J. Manly is finally becoming available again.

Book 1 is out today with the others following soon. Lex Valentine created this cover for us and it’s a bittersweet time for me since I had hoped to give all the proceeds to DJ to help her fray the costs of her lengthy battle with cancer. Unfortunately, my beloved friend and frequent co-author died on March 21 after her breast cancer spread to her bones late December 2020 and finally invaded her liver last month.

I still cannot believe she is gone.

Now all proceeds will go to her grieving widower, Donald.

I will never get over losing her and in time will finish the six books we were working on in other series. I cannot believe I’ll never hear her fantastic laugh again or talk world politics or…wow. Anything.

I can’t say more now except there will never be another D.J. She was a pioneer in our genre and an unbelievably talented and kind person.


Canadian cop Kieran Fox has fallen from grace after a disastrous romance with the wrong guy—the head of a drug cartel. When Sheriff Dillon DePriest moseys on up north begging Kieran to come to his town of Lone Trail, Texas, to help him deal with a gang of murderous drug dealers, Kieran agrees, if only to get away from the scene of his own crime.

Soon thereafter, Kieran learns that the tough little Texas town is knees-deep in an escalating mystery. There’s a cross-dressing Cher impersonator, a killer missing some gold teeth and his…er…dangly bits. And worse, there’s Kieran’s growing attraction for Lone Trail’s sexy U.S. Marshal, Jubilee Mason, that he neither wants or needs.


Back to Black is OUT TODAY!!

Back to Black, Book One in my Makaha Beach Detectives Series is out TODAY on Amazon!

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Honolulu detective Quinn Novak has to enter another realm to find scorching-hot sex. How far does he have to travel to find true love?

Quinn Novak is a Honolulu Police Department detective working an unusual case. A string of robberies have taken place in homes tented for termites in the economically depressed town of Makaha Beach. A gang of thieves appears to be trailing pest control units then breaking in, so Quinn is assigned to watch over a particularly important dignitary’s home late one night. Quinn has a problem, however. He’s afraid of the dark.

He’s never told a soul and seems to be coping with his phobia until he spies two men breaking in and follows them, despite of the dangers of the pesticide–and the dark.

Once inside the house, he appears to enter another realm–one filled with hot men who want… him. Quinn has the most incredible threesome of his life, but then must leave the house. How the heck does he get back in? And can he? Now, suddenly, he wants to get back to black… back to the dark and the two men he left inside the house. Can he ever find them again?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-edited, re-release title. This book contains MM and MMM scenes.

New Audio Book Out Today! FREE codes for Mingo McCloud Bundle Books 1-4!


I have a new release today! The Mingo McCloud series books 1-4 are now available as an ebook bundle and audio book bundle on Audible and Amazon!
And I have FREE book codes! Please pm Melissa Gramling and she will hook you up!
My thanks to my glorious narrator, John Solo who is totally amazing and to my cover artist Lex Valentine for making Mingo McCloud, Honolulu’s hottest forensic accountant so damned yummy!

Tame and Savage – A Cop and a Werewolf In Love, Oh, My!!


“Don’t worry I’m tame.”

This is how LAPD Officer Cavan Carmichael meets the man who who changes his life…

Tame and Savage have been re-released Find them today on Amazon!

I love these covers! Photography by Justin Monroe, cover model Dionisio Heiderscheid, cover design by A.J. Corza. 

Tame Purchase Link:

Savage Purchase Link:

$2.99 each or free on Kindle Unlimited!

Tame Synopsis:

Cavan Carmichael has just transferred to LAPD from rural Oregon. It’s Halloween and he’s expecting…well, the unexpected, since it’s the time of spooky things, and this is LA, after all. Nobody, however, could have predicted an animal abuse call that turns out to reveal a beaten, chained-up man in a garden shed.

Then come the words that Cavan knows will haunt him for life: “Don’t worry, I’m tame.”

Cavan rescues the man who, underneath the bruises and blood, is very handsome. And mysterious. Nothing about the stranger adds up. Nothing he says makes sense. For every medical test the doctors perform, only more questions arise. When Ludo, as he insists he be called, is admitted to the hospital, he has grievous injuries inflicted by a despicable assailant via antique torture instruments.

Unbelievably, Ludo’s injuries heal fast and Cavan, who visits the recuperating man, is astonished to find he is attracted and protective of the man. But can Cavan overlook the oddities, such as bristles under the man’s tongue? The strange wolf hairs in his wounds? Is the most beautiful man Cavan has ever seen really…tame?

Savage Synopsis:

LAPD cop Cavan Carmichael is more in love than ever with Ludo, the man he rescued during a nightmare raid in a Brentwood, CA house. Ludo, who must fight his werewolf inclinations to kill, has eighteen months to go before he can swim across the lake in Argentina that cursed him in the first place.

But it ain’t easy.

One hot August night in the middle of a family barbecue, Cavan is disturbed not only by Ludo’s increasing moodiness, but also the stone statues of wolves that populate the exterior of the building next door. Also, somebody’s following Cavan, and he soon learns that a second man has been beaten and tortured at the same residence in Brentwood where he’d rescued Ludo. And to make matters worse, when Cavan and his workmates rush to the property, they discover that the victim is somebody from Cavan’s past.

Secrets are revealed, mysteries deepen, and a shocking, age-old legend puts Cavan’s life at risk. But Ludo tells him not to worry, that he would never let anyone hurt his man. “When I’m pushed to the wall,” Ludo says, “I’m savage…”

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