Eivissa – an Erotic, Romantic Mystery set on the Spanish Island OUT NOW!

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One of my favorite books, Eivissa (The Spanish language name for the island of Ibiza) is out NOW at Extasy Books!

Purchase Link: https://www.extasybooks.com/eivissa/

This truly is one of my favorite romances, and also one of my strangest mysteries! Based on a true story, I loved writing this and hope you enjoy reading it. And if you ever get a chance to go to Eivissa – GO!


When an amnesiac man capsizes on the shores of Spain’s sun-kissed island of Eivissa, bar owner Demetrio Reyes thinks he’s found his someone…or has he?

Demetrio has found the good life, putting his devastating past behind him and investing his hard-earned money into a gay bar on the island of Ibiza, or as the locals insist on calling it, Eivissa. With celebrities and other stunning beautiful men roaming the hot-spot island, Demetrio thinks he’s found a slice of heaven. When a strange man’s small boat capsizes in the Mediterranean, once he’s rescued, he seems to be attracted to Demetrio.

The man, however, has amnesia. He has no memory of his name, his life and has no ID. His boat is registered to a Philip Gordon, but the handsome stranger says he doesn’t think it’s his name. After picking the name Océano, the Spanish word for the sea, he and Demetrio begin an impassioned affair that soon turns disastrous. Océano may not be amnesiac. He may not be the good guy he seems to be and…he may not even be gay.

This book was previously published and has been expanded.

Mirror Image – Formerly Mirrors – is out NOW!

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Mirror Image – formerly published as Mirrors is OUT NOW at Extasy Books!

Purchase Linkhttps://www.extasybooks.com/978-1-4874-2910-2-mirror-image/

Troy and Aaron Mayer, identical twins separated at the age of two, lived wildly different lives. Aaron struggled to take care of their alcoholic, gambling-addicted mother, while Troy, raised by their father, experienced a life of luxury.

After years of silence, Troy asks to see Aaron. When Aaron arrives at his brother’s boat, he finds a note instead and suspects suicide. In his farewell note, Troy offers Aaron his car, his money, and his life of riches.

On the run from loan sharks, Aaron slips easily into this mirrored life. But everywhere he turns he discovers somebody Troy devastated, including his handsome husband, Dave Alvarez. Pulled into his brother’s life of crime, Aaron is set up for a fall, but he’s too strong to shatter.

This book was previously published as Mirrors.




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Now that you are stuck at home, how about a free ebook? Honeybone, the first in my Honeybone US Marshal series is FREE until March 31. I loved, loved, loved writing this series. Book 6 is in the works! This twisty mystery is set in Australia. Grab it while it’s FREE! Please note: It says 4.99 on the listing until you add it to your cart! https://www.extasybooks.com/honeybone-1/


Murder, mayhem, hot man-love…and madness. It’s all in a day’s work for US Federal Marshal Dean Honeybone…

Honeybone is accompanying extradited child killer Richard Stance to Australia when their plane crashes off the northeast coast of the island continent. The only survivors of the packed flight are Honeybone and four-year-old Kaia Pendleton, whom Dean rescues during the crash. As Dean and Kaia recuperate in a Queensland hospital, questions swirl about what caused the accident…and what happened to Stance’s body, the only one not recovered from the wreckage.

Unable to return to work due to his injuries and plagued by raging headaches and violent nightmares, Honeybone must rest. Convinced that Stance survived and is free to kill again, he’s reluctant to take the gift of a week-long dream vacation at Wilson Island, a remote, luxury resort where only ten guests at a time are allowed to visit. Honeybone gives in, pondering the prospect of rekindling his relationship with Rongo Davis, an Australian Security Intelligence operative. But then he meets Jean-Luc Sebastien, a French chef, and discovers the possibility of a different sort of life.

Yet all the while, death and danger are as close as the next barrier reef…

This book has been previously published and re-released.

RAINY DAYS and MONDAYS Now Available!


Coming to eXtasy Books 2/28/20 and Now Available for Pre-order: https://www.extasybooks.com/product/product/?product_id=6651

Rainy Days and Mondays is a dark and twisty thriller set in Honolulu. It’s a side of paradise most tourists never see…


When Mike deCosta arrives in Honolulu in search of his missing brother, Luca, his own life is a mess.

When Mike deCosta arrives in Honolulu in search of his missing brother, Luca, his own life is a mess. His ex-boyfriend still has a hold on him, and Luca seems to have made the same mistakes with his abusive ex-lover, Greg. Not only did Luca take Greg back into his life but moved to Honolulu with him in search of Greg’s dreams. And now, Luca’s been gone for four days and it was the couple’s crazy, drug-addled landlady who reported him missing. Not Greg. And now, Greg has vanished, too.

Keanu Māhoe is a private investigator and former cop whose specialty is tracing people who’ve come from the mainland and slipped through the cracks of Hawaiian society. He’s immediately attracted to Mike when they meet on the flight from Los Angeles, and the man’s haunting sadness makes Keanu want to reach out and help him. Keanu wants to show Mike the aloha way of life, the value of rainy days and Mondays…the other side of paradise.

Shimmy Down the Chimney!

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My new Christmas book SHIMMY DOWN THE CHIMNEY is out now at Extasy Books!

Purchase Link: https://www.extasybooks.com/978-1-4874-2582-1-shimmy-down-the-chimney/

Shimmy Down the Chimney is a sexy comedy featuring fairies from the Unseelie Court working as cops in L.A. And they get up to lots of naughty stuff!

How crazy can twelve days of Christmas get?

A few days before Christmas, select members of LAPD’s Threat Management Unit, and the Gay Men’s Chorus of West Hollywood, gather for an unexpected holiday party. They’ve all received engraved invitations to a chalet-style house in the Hollywood Hills, notorious for its alleged decadent swingers’ parties that go on for days. Nobody’s heard of the host, but these men are all single and um, desperate. Upon arrival, a masked man offers each guest a champagne cocktail that promises to deliver each man his secret Christmas wish.

Lucius Partridge suddenly wants to do unspeakable things with a pear tree. Two men who previously hated each other now can’t keep their hands off each other. Tommy Pearl, the group curmudgeon, finds creative uses for five gold rings he mysteriously finds in his pocket. And he can’t stop. The wicked party host informs them all that only true love can break his lusty spell.

Are the choir members destined to be undone by their deepest desires? What is this weird curse, anyway? Can anything help them? Or will The Twelve Days of Christmas be the start of a long trip to hell?


Mele Kalikimaka! Phantom Lover, Book #9 Back in Print!

Mele Kalikimaka a me ka makahiki hou hauʻoli!

That’s Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Hawaiian!

I have been slowly rolling out my Phantom Lover books and I’m thrilled to see my Christmas novella, Mele Kalikimaka back in print. It’s all about Kimo and Lopaka’s first Christmas together as a married couple and all the complications and joys of parenthood. A lot has happened to these guys since their first kinky sexcapades in Fly Me to the Moon!

Available from The Pele Press on Amazon: Purchase Link: https://amzn.to/38U7mOl


Kimo Wilder, Hawaii’s number one hula dancer and Kahuna (High Priest) has big plans for Christmas Eve with his husband Lopaka…he wants to fulfill an amazing sexual fantasy. Lopaka however wants a traditional family Christmas, their first one ever with their wonderful children and assorted family members. Lopaka’s sister wants a special Filipino holiday dinner in honor of her new husband, complete with a special parole (Christmas star)…of course, Kimo wants what he wants…but when the fantasy involves Lopaka’s former lover Johnny, Lopaka’s inclined to cancel Christmas…

And then their children’s gifts all manage to disappear. This Christmas, will Kimo and Lopaka both get what they want? And what about the kids? Or is this job too big even for Santa Claus?

Have a ho-ho-ho-whole lotta fun kids!


Aloha oe,



The Sex Ring is OUT NOW!

Purchase Link: https://www.extasybooks.com/the-sex-ring

Edan doesn’t believe in ghosts…so why does he feel compelled to believe the second he’s in possession of THE SEX RING?

Struggling filmmaker Kristofer Edan accepts a cash pay day to model the leather ensembles owned by recently deceased, celebrated artist Rafael Ortiz at an auction. Kristofer soon finds himself coveting one jacket in particular that has an unusual addition– a sex ring dangling from its epaulette.

When Kristofer wins the jacket in a second-chance bid, he’s in for a big surprise…the sex ring seems to have an intense energy, that when in use, conjures up sexual dreams and powers that Kristofer never had before. He soon becomes obsessed with the ring and the dead artist…painting huge canvasses that people say resemble those of Ortiz himself. Kristofer starts to feel the dead man’s presence and senses that Rafael is just as obsessed with him…or…is Kristofer possessed by him?

This book has been previously published.



There’s a Wizard in Waikiki! And he speaks English AND Italian!

Hey gang,

I’m stoked to announce that my series, A Wizard in Waikiki is back! Books 1 and 2 are available now in English and Italian at Extasy Books. Book #3, Luau Feet, is coming soon!


Here are the covers and links:






Italian Links:




Sogni di Peridoto


Laurel Canyon is the Editor’s Choice for September!

I am so thrilled to announce that Laurel Canyon won the Editor’s Choice Award at Extasy Books this week!

This week’s Editor’s Choice is from AJ Llewellyn for Laurel Canyon.

Buy Now

“This story took me right into the hippie movement of 1960s LA and was so atmospheric, I just kept reading! Great job.” ~ Editor

Three years before Stonewall, there were the Sunset Strip riots, where teenagers led the battle against the police. Hit with bully clubs and banned from listening to music, LA teenagers fought for acceptance, for love… And for gay rights.

Being gay was taboo in 1966. Even the hipster burger join Barney’s Beanery had a sign up saying Faggots Stay Out. It had been there since 1953. LA’s teenagers wanted to fight social taboos. They wanted freedom. For all.

Taris West moves to Los Angeles on November 12, 1966, the very day of the Sunset Riots. Taris, his brother, and cousin, who make up a band called Go West, find themselves in the middle of the street fight between teenagers and police. Although Taris is an eyewitness to the riot taking place on the corner of Sunset and Laurel Canyon, he is also eager to explore the mythic hills that are the home to many music legends.

Soon he’s rubbing shoulders with Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Frank Zappa, Sonny and Cher, to name a few. There’s also a slightly mysterious former Air Force officer named Winter, who’s moved to Laurel Canyon to pursue his own musical fortune. Winter is incredible, but he also has a weirdo roommate who puts off everybody he meets. There’s also something strange going on in Winter’s Laurel Canyon house. Somebody keeps bumping and scraping in the middle of the night and a mural above his bed keeps getting additions as Winter and Taris sleep.

Can these two broken men find acceptance, or even love, as history evolves right in front of their eyes? Can they make music together? And what about the burning civil rights issues of the day? Can a little canyon help mend bridges across the universe?

As Frank Zappa often said, “Laurel Canyon is freaky, man.”

This book has been previously published. It has been edited and revised for republication.

FREE KINDLE BOOK! Three Phantom Lover Books Are OUT NOW! Grab your free book today!


I‘ve just re-released three new editions of books 5,6, and 7 in my Phantom Lover series. All have been re-edited, revised, and given spanky-new luscious covers by the amazing Karrie Jax!

To celebrate, I have made My Hawaiian Song of Love, one of my favorites in the series FREE for the next five days on Kindle!

Grab your copy here!



Here are details of all three books!

Rent Boy, Phantom Lover #5

Kimo Wilder, Hawaii’s number one hula dancer and powerful kahuna, is booked into a lavish hotel in Maui during a July 4th weekend break…with a Rent Boy. Would he really cheat on his beloved husband Lopaka? With their baby twins on the way, Kimo has always been the model of the doting husband and parent.

With the sound of the surf crashing around Kimo’s hotel room and the family on its way to visit him, will the Independence Day fireworks display, set for sunset, be the only explosion Maui’s going to see over the weekend?

Purchase Link: https://tinyurl.com/y6mnau8m


My Hawaiian Song of Love, Phantom Lover #6

Katie Garrison’s boyfriend dumps her on the eve of their big move from California to balmy Waikiki. When she arrives, she meets not just one mystery man, but two! The first, Nohea, is a seafaring man who seduces her during a turbulent storm on the floor of a double-hull canoe. The second man, Kahanu, is an Aloha Patrol officer who harbors a deep secret she just can’t penetrate, despite their blossoming, passionate relationship.

Afraid he will lose Katie, Kahanu asks if she would love him no matter what she discovers about him, and she tells him she would. What Katie is not expecting, however, is that Kahanu’s big secret is that he is bisexual and has been in a long-term gay relationship with Nohea.

Although shocked and initially appalled, Katie realizes she loves Kahanu. When both men invite her into a three-way relationship with them, she wonders how happy she really wants to be. Is she ready for the ultimate romantic ménage with two virile men who love her and want to be with her?

Soon, Katie discovers unimaginable bliss beneath the stars, under tropic palms and in their arms, her Hawaiian Song of Love…

Purchase/Free Download Link: https://tinyurl.com/y49ujq6r


Beguiled, Phantom Lover, #7

It’s Halloween in Hawaii. Those sexy hula dancers Kimo and Lopaka are hiding their endangered children in the secret, mysterious Kahuna (high priest) Village on the Big Island. Most Hawaiian residents think this ancient village is pure myth. But it is very real. For hundreds of years, it has been the refuge of the sick, the injured…and those in mortal peril.

While Kimo, the Keeper of Secrets of the old Hawaiian way has managed to protect his family from the living, he hadn’t banked on the hundred year old obake (ghost) of a lost, murdered female Japanese obon dancer. Taking refuge in the body of his beloved husband Lopaka, Aoi refuses to leave. Kimo and the residents of the Kahuna Village must help her find her way to what she calls The Pureland…except that Aoi’s starting to like being alive again. Featuring all the lovable, familiar characters from the sexy and exciting Phantom Lover series, Beguiled lifts the veil on some of the old ghosts of Hawaii’s plantation past and often turbulent cultural history.

Purchase Link: https://tinyurl.com/yy7e8yn3


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