Summer Rain, Orgasmic Texas Dawn, #5 OUT NOW!

I’m thrilled to announce that Summer Rain, Orgasmic Texas Dawn, #5 is live on Amazon! This was such a fun series to write with my late writing partner, Author DjManly who came up with this idea in the first place. In books 5-8, we meet a new set of US Marshals and follow their twisty romance. Jubilee and Kieran from the first four books are still around!
All sales go to DJ’s husband ❤
Sean Mercado, a rookie Dallas Marshal, and Nicholas Fournier, a Canadian cop, are pulled into Jubilee and Kieran’s lives after a near death experience for Jubilee who is shot during a bank holdup that leaves him seriously wounded.
Former Canadian Special Ops Nicholas Fournier never dreamed making a deposit at a Dallas bank for his ailing aunt would change his life, but it does. He meets US Marshal Jubilee Mason who in turn introduces him to Sean Mercado, a new recruit to the Big D. Nicholas is still reeling from a romantic fiasco where he threw caution to the wind traveling to Texas to meet a guy he communicated with online.
Though planning to fly back home, he’s tempted to spend a little more time with the hunky Louisiana transplant and find out a little more about the US Marshals. He soon finds there’s a lot going on in this hectic Texas city and it ain’t just summer rain.


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