It’s Tiki Time! Spotlight on Author A.J. SHERWOOD!



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It’s Tiki Time! Five Stupid Questions for author A.J. Sherwood


A.J. Sherwood is a multi-talented author. She’s so prolific, she even has multiple pen names! She is also one of the participants in the upcoming charity anthology Uncontrolled Chaos, available now on preorder at Amazon and available only for the month of August. So, no dilly-dally! Pick up your copy today!

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A.J.’s story How Tan Acquired an Apprentice looks amazing!

Synopsis: Tan adopts an apprentice. No, he does not consult his husband first, why do you ask?

Don’t worry Hans actually takes care of the kid, to bonk is not the question, it is the answer, Tan’s priority is cats, no one is surprised, revenge served hot, fireball kind of hot, anyone else scared Tan has acquired a minion?


Well, I could ask A.J. about this story and all kinds of intelligent things, but I like stupid. And I have an abundance of idiotic questions. So here goes!


  1. Hi A.J.! What’s your favorite cocktail? I’ll have the cabana boys whip one up for you while I ask you some stupid, I mean important questions.


So funny story, up until recently I’ve never been able to try alcohol. I’ve had health issues that prevented it. But! I’m now recovered enough that it doesn’t bother me. I tried a Jack Daniel’s Peach margarita the other day and that was tasty. So something fruity, please!


  1. If you could have an accent in the world, which one would you choose?


Uhhh….like, any of them? I’m horrific with accents. XD

  1. When you’re alone in your car, what do you think about?

Stories. My brain is not the type to shut up.


  1. I see you have your own coloring book out. I need to know, as a kid, did you color inside the lines or were you a bit of a daredevil and did you color outside them?

I colored inside the lines. Then I decided there needed to be more background and added to it. So both?

  1. You’re stuck on a deserted island after a three-hour tour which goes awry. Name six people alive or dead you’d enjoy being marooned with – and what would be your fantasy castaway meal?

Hmmm, I would think my brothers Chris and Jarrett, my best friends, Katie, Khanh and Jon. I’d take Max too just to keep the rest of us calm.


A.J. Sherwood believes in happily ever afters, magic, dragons, good men, and dark chocolate. She’s often dreams at night of delectable men doing sexy things with each other. In between writing multiple books (often at the same time) she pets her cats, plays with her dogs, and attempts insane things like aerial yoga.

She currently resides in Michigan with aforementioned cats and dogs.


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Tiktok: @ajsherwood_author


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  1. You let her off with only a partial answer to the last question; naughty.
    I already have the book pre-ordered bu the way.

  2. I know, but what can I do? LOL…

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